Peloton Coach Becs Gentry Results in the UK Olympic Marathon Trials ( & how to watch)

Update – Peloton has released a documentary around Becs’ experience with the race. You can find details here.

As we shared last month, Peloton instructor Becs Gentry will be taking part in the Olympic Marathon Trials, competing for a spot to run in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for Team Great Britain. Since the original post, we’ve had a lot of questions about if the race will be available to live stream, or how to watch Becs compete. The good news is – there will be a live stream!

Becs Gentry’s Results in the Olympic Marathon Trials for Team GB

Becs Gentry finished the race in 4th place, with a time of 2:32:01. This was a nearly 5 minute PR for Becs. Congratulations on a great race. Only the first place female, Stephanie Davis, finished with an Olympic qualifying time, finishing in 2:27:16.

You can find full results here.

If you missed it live, you can still go watch the race here. Becs crosses the finish line around 4:36 into the video.

How to watch Becs Gentry compete in the British Olympic Marathon Trials for the 2021 Olympics

The UK Olympic Marathon Trials will be live streamed from the British Athletics website: The live stream is embedded on the page link there.

New info on 3/26 – You can find a direct link to the live stream on YouTube here.

New info as of 3/24 – It also appears that there will be a live stream available on the British Athletics TV YouTube Channel as well. The race organizers shared this YouTube link as the recommended way to watch the race once it starts. One source noted this was for international people, so if you are trying to watch from the US, this might be the best bet. It is likely there will not be an option to view it until the stream goes live for the marathon race walks at 6am, so just make sure to check back. The following graphic was also posted by organizers, and their Tweet contained a link to the YouTube Channel noted above.

UK members should be able to watch on iPlayer.

When does the Olympic Marathon Trials for Team Great Britain Start?

The Olympic qualifying race will take place this Friday, March 26th, 2021 in Kew Gardens.

There are two separate races happening that day. The marathon race walks will start at 6:00am local time. The men & women’s marathon Olympic trials will start at 8:00am. That means for those wanting to watch Becs Gentry in the Olympic Trials, the race will start at 8:00am Greenwich Mean Time, or 4:00am Eastern Time, or 1:00am Pacific Time.

Who qualifies for the Olympics?

The top two men, and the top two women who finish the race will make the Olympic team for Team Great Britain, assuming their time is quick enough to be an Olympic Qualifying Time. The Olympic Qualifying time for the men is 2:11:30, and the women’s qualifying time is 2:29:30.

Becs Gentry had set a new marathon PR in 2019 during the New York City marathon with a time of 2:37:01. This means that in order to qualify for the Olympics, she would have to be top two, but also set a new PR by over 7:30 – which seems doable with all the training she has been doing!

Who was selected for the Team Great Britain marathon time trials?

There were just 15 men, and 17 women selected to compete in the marathon time trials. You can see the list of competitors here.

Will you be tuning in to watch Becs race?

If you’re just looking for a Yes/No answer to the question of “Did Peloton Coach Becs Gentry qualify for the Olympics in Japan?” or “Will Peloton Instructor Becs Gentry be in the Olympics” – unfortunately this year the answer is no, but she still ran an amazing race, setting a new PR.

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