Week In Review – November 10th, 2019

The Week in Review is a round-up of interesting tidbits from the Peloton universe. We share some of these stories via our Facebook pageFacebook group, and Instagram, but not all of it makes it there so be sure to check in weekly for the latest!

Featured Artist Workouts: Billy Joel

Peloton announced on Friday the next highlighted musician in their featured artist series will be Billy Joel. Ride with Jenn Sherman on Thursday, Run with Matt Wilpers on Sunday, or Yoga with Kristin McGee on Sunday. You can find the full list of artists who have been featured here.

Expanded Yoga & Meditation options

The Yoga team is adding more workout types to the library! Kristin McGee will begin offering both prenatal and postnatal classes. The first set launched directly to the on-demand library, it remains to be seen if these are added to the live schedule as well. The entire yoga team is also collaborating on a “Zen in 10” meditation series, which will air weekdays at noon. Finally, Denis Morton will begin adding some beginner Yoga classes to his schedule.

Peloton Earnings Call – Company Acquisitions, Rower evidence & more

Peloton held their first official earnings call this past week, and several interesting pieces of information were disclosed. First was that Peloton had official acquired one of their two manufacturing partners in Taiwan – allowing them to have more hands-on control of this process. Once that information came to light, we found out that same manufacturing company had been granted a patent for a component of a rower – which means Peloton now owns that IP. More evidence of a Peloton rowing machine to be the next piece of hardware?

3 new Peloton instructors to be announced by the end of the year

One other major tidbit that came up during the earnings call & report was that three brand new instructors would be added to the team. All 3 will be based out of the UK studio – with 2 focusing on the native German language classes and one to fill out the UK schedule with Ben & Leanne’s existing classes.

UK Meet & Greet with Cody & Matt

More news for the UK community – both Matt Wilpers and Cody Rigsby will be flying over to London to hold a meet & greet with the UK community this upcoming week. Signups for the event filled up quickly, but waitlist spots might still be available.

Day in the life with Peloton CEO John Foley

Peloton CEO John Foley gave a short interview with GQ magazine going over a day in his life and revealing some productivity hacks that have worked for him.

SoulCycle offering branded vacations

Peloton competitor SoulCycle was in the news this week as well. They’ve partnered up with a travel company to offer SoulCycle destination vacations. From the article – “The retreats will be designed to provide SoulCycle’s customers with meditative spa and wellness experiences in various locations with SoulCycle classes led by instructors from across the country. Retreats by SoulCycle are designed for anyone, from long-time riders to customers completely new to the brand, according to a SoulCycle spokesperson.”

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