Peloton Utilizing “New” Delivery Company RXO – Spin-off of XPO Logistics – for Peloton Row (and other) deliveries

If you ordered a Peloton Row – which has begun shipping after a numerous months-long presale phase – you may notice a different name on the delivery truck. Peloton is reportedly working with a new delivery company, RXO.

Peloton Row delivery notice from RXO.
Peloton Row delivery notice from RXO.

It turns out RXO is a spin-off of XPO, the third-party logistics company that Peloton has worked with for a number of years. The company was created in the past few months. According to a XPO press release from July 12, 2022:

XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO), a leading provider of freight transportation services, today announced that a new company identity has been created in connection with the planned spin-off of its tech-enabled brokerage platform. The spin-off is named RXO to reflect the company’s commitment to provide reliability multiplied by outperformance. RXO will go to market with the tagline “Massive capacity. Cutting-edge technology.”

Transport Dive, a news site dedicated to transportation and trucking, reported on the announcement at the time and provided insight into XPO’s decision and strategy with their new spin-off company:

The spinoff seeks to showcase automation through XPO Connect, a technology platform that tracks deliveries up to the minute, the company said in March. The move aligns with XPO CEO Brad Jacobs’ push for technology in the business.

This is part of XPO’s efforts to further concentrate its services into separate companies. Last August, XPO completed its contract logistics spinoff with GXO Logistics. XPO sees spinning off its businesses as a way to boost value for itself and the spun-off companies.

Interestingly, some members are still receiving their deliveries from XPO rather than RXO. It is currently unclear which areas work with a particular delivery company. In addition to XPO and RXO, Peloton also utilizes J.B. Hunt in some parts of the country, another one of their longtime delivery partners. There are other delivery partners used as well.

As a reminder, Peloton announced earlier this year that they are shifting entirely to third party delivery and repairs in the United States – with companies such as XPO, RXO, and J.B. Hunt – in an effort to cut their fixed costs.

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • rick says:

    XPO sucks, got a call on delivery day at 3pm to say we will deliver it next week. Peloton hopefully has performance benchmarks and they should make XPO pay for the recovery they provide customers. I had my delivery day schedled 11 days ago. I jsut dont understand why and wnat the real reason why they did not deliver my Row.

  • Ari says:

    RXO is a terrible company and peloton should stop using them they bumped my delivery twice now and they have BS excuses

  • Rach says:

    Bike ordered 12/6, delivery scheduled for 12/14. Got a message the night before that delivery couldn’t be completed and needed to reschedule. Next date not until 12/27. So frustrating!

  • Nina says:

    RXO is still the same terrible company as XPO. They rescheduled my tread delivery twice without any call or reason. I ordered on 11/17/22, they didn’t show up on 11/29, 12/6 or 12/13, so I cancelled my order. I would love ANY other option to get the tread delivered, even self-assembly!

  • Lis says:

    Wow. Same story here. I get literally 7 emails saying the delivery will be arriving between 12p-3pm, with a 30min call prior to arrival. I call after 3pm after not hearing anything, am told to call back in1 hour and that I will get a call in a few minutes from the driver with an ETA. I don’t receive a call and so call back after another hour and am told it will arrive in 10-25minutes – although I still didn’t get a call from the driver. Still didn’t arrive and didn’t get a call, so I call back again and they say give it some more time. On my 4th call, 4.5 hours AFTER the latest expected arrival time, I am notified that the driver returned to the facility, and that when the product is back at the facility, the next delivery attempt can be scheduled. I’ve already had to take 1 day off (although 1/2 day was expected), and now need to expect at least another day off work and rescheduling appts, family, etc. This was very time consuming and expensive – not the investment I was expecting. (Also noted, the customer reps put you on “hold” to contact the driver, but who knows what’s really happening there, as no info actually returns to you/the customer.)

  • JGR says:

    Same story. Still don’t have peloton and have not been contacted by rxo. Don’t want to cancel, but considering it. Peloton can’t help, and rxo customer service can just send an email. Horrible.

  • Christopher says:

    RXO is the worst. I had boycotted them from my house for past failed deliveries with no courtesy calls & damaged product deliveries. I took a chance to give them another try when I saw my Peloton delivery email was from RXO. But I didn’t expect my delivery to come on and sure enough, RXO didn’t delivery as promised even though they called the day prior confirming delivery. Also they didn’t call, text or email me to notify me. It took me calling Peloton for them to lie to Peloton with me on the phone saying it was delivered, then they said I had rescheduled when I didn’t, then said it was because they couldn’t get the bike out of their warehouse that morning.

  • Pat says:

    Almost 10pm here and the saga has been ongoing since 10am. No delivery, no solution, total communication break down between Peloton and RXO. I worked by my front window all day and into the night, looking like a puppy dog waiting for the Tread, and RXO has the audacity to tell me that the driver showed and no one was home. Waited 30-60 minutes with Peloton multiple times, two of which we were hung up on mid call, trying to figure this shit show out.

    Now being told that our delivery cannot be made until Jan. 24th. My wife and I have just been thrown through the ringer with this process, and are blown away at how awful the customer service has been on both sides, especially RXO.

  • Baylee says:

    RXO is the absolute worst delivery company. They rescheduled me from December 16th to December 17th with NO notification. THEN on December 17th they showed up to my house with a broken tread. They packed it back up and brought it back to their warehouse… I couldn’t get another delivery date until January 4th.

    January 4th rolls around and I got a confirmation call and email at 6:30am… just for my delivery date to be changed AGAIN without any notice to January 5th. When called I was told they had “issues with the truck”

    January 5th rolls around and they were expected to come between 1-4pm. I got a call at 11:45 saying they were 5 minutes from my house… they never showed up. I called the phone number that had called me and no answer. I had a friend call from her phone and would you look at that… they answered her call and told me that there was issues with the truck, but once it was fixed they would be delivering it this afternoon…

    Now it’s 7:30pm and it says the truck went back to the warehouse. When I tried calling RXO I’ve been hung up on multiple times, was told they were at my house and no one was home (which was a lie) and then they said their truck was leaking diesel fuel and had to be towed.

    Needless to say my tread order will be canceled.

  • Beth says:

    Ordered a tread that was delivered on 12/19. Drivers had no training on how to put the tread together properly and pinched a wire during installation, resulting in a non-functioning treadmill. Reported the issue to Peloton who said they would send new replacement handrails and that RXO would deliver and replace them, which would resolve the issue. They also sent a technician from RXO who said he couldn’t make any repairs to the tread. The technician actually called Peloton while at our house and had to wait on hold to talk to someone in order to get some guidance. Drivers were supposed to show up between 12:30-3:30pm today with new handrails and didn’t arrive until 7:15pm. They didn’t know how to replace the handrails and stripped several screws trying to work on the tread. Neither driver had any clue what they were supposed to be doing. They finally just decided to take the entire treadmill away. It baffles me that Peloton would expect RXO to send workers out who clearly have no training on how to install and set up their equipment. I don’t blame the drivers, I blame RXO management and Peloton. Been a Peloton customer since 2018, am on my second bike, sold my first to a Peloton newbie and have convinced 5 friends/family members to purchase bikes, so I’m pretty loyal and committed to the company. Just don’t get how Peloton expects to continue to build or keep community with terrible service like this. Obviously this isn’t a major problem in the grand scheme of things but it is a huge hassle and annoying to have to deal with. I would love to see Peloton leadership take some responsibility for this shit show part of the customer experience.

  • Jonathan says:

    XPO or RXO doesn’t matter, they are ruining Peloton’s brand. I’m a loyal Peloton user. I have the bike+, tread, and now the row. XPO damaged the hub and screen on my Pelonton Row during delivery. I’m now scheduled to get my THRID Pelonton Row this week and hopefully not have any additional problems with this “delivery” company. This time they will not be allowed in my home and will not setup my machine. I will do it myself. Do not trust them at all.

    Peloton needs to bring back their own delivery and repair teams. BIG MISTAKE to outsource this important step in the purchasing process.

  • Hope Nixon says:

    I am so very angry about this. I had my bike+ scheduled for today January 18th. Apparently it would be deliver between 11am-2pm. I had class until 11am and rushed home. I got home at 11:24am, the bike was not out for delivery yet. Around 1pm I noticed the truck pulling into my apartment building and I rushed down into the lobby to meet the driver, MIND YOU I confirmed the delivery three times and stated that I would be home to receive my bike. Within less than a minute of me waiting down in the lobby the truck drives away and I checked my tracking status to make sure it was them and apparently the driver said “cannot perform stop: stop was not performed due to consumer being not at home, or a closed business.” I WAS AT HOME AND ALL.

    The driver never got out of the truck nor did he call me to inform/verify anything. My apartment management was also in the lobby. I WAS IN THE LOBBY WAITING FOR THE DELIVERY. I called both RXO and Peloton and was told that they cannot deliver my bike today and that I would have to wait until the bike gets back to the warehouse to be checked back in and then someone would call me for a reschedule date. This has been a day from hell and a joy killed. I mentioned to both RXO and Peloton that I specifically took off work to be here for the delivery and my semester just started so missing my important courses is impossible. I also mention that my work schedule is made a month in advance, February has already been made and I have no days off between work and school. I don’t want to wait a month.

    Y’all I really want to cry because it is hurting me this bad. No attempts were made whatsoever from RXO and Peloton.
    I am now wondering did I just wasted almost 3K to get this kind of service. Highly disappointed in Peloton and their delivery partner. I sincerely hope Peloton can find a better service for their consumers.

  • Karan Allrich says:

    I’m a loyal Peloton customer.. I bought my daughter a bike for Christmas.. I have called them 14 times!! 14!!! I have been lied too every single time including today when they tried to tell me my bike was delivered!!! WHAT!!??? Ummmm no no it wasn’t!! It was supposed to be here MONDAY!! I asked for a later in day delivery was told it would be a $2400 charge for the request!!!! I’m sick over this. I’ve emailed Barry the CEO of Peloton if this doesn’t get me anywhere I will cancel the bike. I’ve never dealt with such clowns!!!

  • Regina Baker says:

    We own a Peloton bike but recently decided to order the peloton treadmill. It was supposed to be delivered last Wednesday. The delivery company out of Austin (RXO) was supposed to deliver it between two and five and said that they would call us 30 minutes ahead. They showed up with no phone calls and at 11:45. My husband was home, but did not hear the door. They left within five minutes of being here. So then we had to wait till this Wednesday to get it because they only do deliveries once a week in this area. So today the delivery truck arrives on time and even calls 15 minutes ahead however, the two employee’s started walking towards our door to look at where are the treadmill was going to go, and as they were walking, they were telling my husband how they don’t get paid enough so on so on. So then they see that they have to go upstairs. They refused turned around and got in their truck and left. Mind you when they showed up they didn’t even have a dolly or anything. My husband had to get ours out. Needless to say we do not have our Tread. I called Peloton to get the situation straightened out. They told me there was no managers available and one would call me back within 24 hours. I’ve decided they don’t want our business and we’re going to cancel our order and most likely go with a NordicTrack. Very disappointed.

  • Becca Gonzalez says:

    I had a treadmill scheduled to be delivered on 2/9 between 2:30 and 5:30. I got home from work at 1:10 to make sure I was here when they arrived. 4:45 rolls around and I decided to contact RXO to get the status of the delivery. They said it will be delivered today and to wait for their call. I patiently waited until 5:30, still no call. I contacted RXO again, they said the driver was running behind and to please wait for their call. 6:15 comes and I decide to contact Peloton instead. They contacted RXO who informed that I requested the delivery to be rescheduled and they were on their way back to their warehouse. I was furious!!! I told the lady the driver never contacted me, so if he never contacted me how in the hell was I supposed to tell him I needed it rescheduled. She apologized for the inconvenience and gave me a refund of $105.50 refund of my $3,500 treadmill. When I got off the phone with her, I called RXO myself and I wasn’t very nice to the customer service lady who answered. She sent me to someone higher up, I explained to her everything that had happened. She put me on hold to contact the warehouse but couldn’t get though because they were closed, go figure! She said she would contact them and call me back on Friday. Well, it’s Saturday still no call. I decided to email RXO and they apologized for the inconvenience and sent an email to the warehouse letting them know the situation. What in the world did she think the email was going to do! Anyways, she said that they will not be able to redeliver the treadmill until next Thursday be use they only make deliveries once a week in my area. I responded telling her this was not my fault, the driver failed to do his job and because of this my training will have to stop! No, this is unacceptable and demanded they deliver it. She said they look forward to delivering my treadmill next Thursday.
    I new to Peloton but I tell you what, this company is going to ruin their name real fast. If my treadmill doesn’t come next Thursday I will be canceling my order and finding another company to go with. This is not how you treat your customers at all. I’m very disappointed with how this whole situation was handled.
    !!!!!!!Step it up Peloton this is not how your customers should be treated!!!!!!

  • Brittany says:

    So shorry that Peloton would do this to their customers considering how much the bikes cost and the monthly membership on top of it. I just bought a second bike and RXO was supposed to deliver it today and canceled last minute the morning of. Delivery date is just getting pushed further back. Extremely disappointing customer service for loyal Peloton members

  • ADM says:

    Same story. Lots of messaging confirming the date and time of delivery. So they have the tech (read: auto email and texts) down. They fail on the human side. About an hour or so into my window, I checked online for status and saw it marked as undeliverable because customer not home. I left work early to make sure to be home well within the window. No call. No delivery. Just a lie about an attempt. (And this was for a replacement Bike after the first one was delivered damaged – not checked by RXO before leaving. It is a month after first receiving a Bike and have not been able to use it).

  • Donnell Turner says:

    Peleton contract their work through this company. I paid to have the treadmill moved from upstairs to downstairs.When the guys shows up and looked at it they said they needed 4 guys. They canceled my appointment for Monday and said I had to rescheduled for Saturday. Then rxo canceled the Saturday appointment and said it will be the following Monday. I get a phone call from driver and I ask was they going to to be able to move treadmill from upstairs to downstairs.He said let me call my office , next thing I know he canceled without coming out. I called they office which was no help even talked to someone in there upper management and all they said they can’t perform service we will prioritize it for for the next available date which is Saturday. I ask management can they called there works to continue to come out because it’s in the window tim they gave me and she said no cause that appointment was canceled already. so I have to wait another five days to see if they will show up. I have to wait 1 1/2 week to get a 200lbs treadmill moved. If they can’t provide these services why not just tell peloton instead of just wasting people time. I would never recommend rxo to anyone even if the service was for free.

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