Screenshot of Peloton app message

Rumor: Scenic Rides & Runs being removed for Peloton Digital-Only Users. New Scenic Rides coming soon?

Update – Peloton has provided an official statement confirming that moving forward the new scenic classes will only be available for Bike & Tread, and old scenic classes are archived.

This afternoon, Peloton began sending out an in-app message to some users alerting them scenic rides will be removed from the Peloton apps starting tomorrow, April 30th.

The message states: “Please be advised that scenic rides and runs will no longer be available on our Apps starting April 30, 2021”

Screenshot of Peloton app message
Message appearing in the Peloton app for some users on scenic rides. Image courtesy member #MomEngHairboss.

These messages are not showing up for all users – it isn’t immediately clear how Peloton is choosing which members to show the message to.

This message doesn’t mean scenic rides are completely going away, as long as you own a bike or Tread. Everything so far indicates scenic rides & runs will still be able to be taken on Peloton hardware. What isn’t 100% clear yet is if you own a Peloton Bike or Tread – will you still be able to take it on the app (meaning they are being removed for Peloton Digital users), or are they going away on the app for all users?

In messages to customer support, one or two agents have replied that “I do know they are planning to add some new ones”. We reported in March that Peloton was preparing their system for new types of classes which could include distance & guided cycling. It’s possible those could be new types of scenic rides that would be added – possibly announced at Peloton Homecoming this weekend?

A closer look at some of Peloton’s support pages does seem to indicate Peloton is making a shift to only having scenic classes be available for those who own Peloton hardware. Even if they were to add new classes, the support pages make it sound like they would be for bike/tread owners only.

Peloton Support has a page that details the differences between Peloton Digital & Peloton All-Access (the membership you get with a Bike or Tread).

On the page, it specifies that Peloton Digital members will have “access to Peloton’s complete live and on-demand library”

On that same page, for the All-Access membership (included with Bike & Tread), you get “Access to a growing library of live streaming and on-demand classes, scenic rides, challenges, and real-time performance tracking.”

Peloton has another page about “What does the Peloton Digital Membership Offer”. That page states it includes “a diverse selection of indoor cycling, running, walking, bootcamp, floor (formally known as Beyond the Ride), and outdoor (audio-only) classes.” Note that scenic rides aren’t mentioned.

On a similar page that details “Rides included with the All-Access membership”, you “have unlimited access to a growing library of live streaming and on-demand classes, scenic rides, challenges, and real-time performance tracking. No classes offered by Peloton are off limits.” Scenic rides are specifically mentioned here.

We will update this article or provide an update on new post once more information is available.

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  • funkright says:

    Ever the more reason to drop Peloton digital and go with Apple+. Loving the stack feature and instructors, but the more they take away the greater the likelihood we’ll drop it.

  • Teresa says:

    Here is the official email from Peloton to digital app users:

    We are reaching out because you have used one of our scenic classes on the app in the last few weeks.
    We have made the decision to remove our current selection of scenic classes from the app. Beginning April 30, 2021, you will no longer be able to access scenic rides and runs from any apps, including on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku and on the web. They will only be available on Peloton hardware. Your current workout count and history will not be affected.
    We have overhauled our scenic classes to elevate the experience on Peloton hardware, with new features like responsive video playback and distance-based workouts. These features are unique to the new Peloton scenic classes and are best experienced on hardware. If you are interested in learning more about our new scenic features, please check out our blog here.
    You will still have access to our library of thousands of other on-demand classes, with new classes added frequently. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for being a part of the Peloton community.

  • Rita Dowdall says:

    I’ve just cancelled my digital subscription as I don’t have the peloton hardware. I liked peletons scenic rides better than Apple’s and was happy to pay for both but I’m happy with Apple’s classes so I’ll save myself £12.99/month.

  • Margaret Case says:

    The old scenic rides are not available to anyone. App/hardware etc. I loved those and hate the one new one I tried. 🙁

  • Jerry says:

    Same here, cancelling our Peleton digital App subscription now. We were happy to pay the $12.99 just for the scenic rides alone. We will go with Apple from here on out.

  • Roger T Aiken says:

    I hate them also. The music is horrible. And we can no longer see our stats while riding. If I had 10 thumbs they would get 10 thumbs down from me.

  • Elizabeth says:

    No way to video chat on the new scenic rides. Have been enjoying video chat with a friend while on a scenic ride every morning. Very limited new rides and I don’t want to ride with an instructor, I want to ride with a friend. Also, more rides by mileage and not as many by time. I need the time in the morning so I can get ready for work. Please put video chat back on scenic rides and give us back the timed rides!!!

  • Debra Shultz says:

    They have also been removed from the peloton hardware. All of my scenic rides are GONE.

  • Mimi Muscarella says:

    My husband feels the same about the new ones 🙁 plus there are extremely limited amounts of 30 minute scenic rides and NO leaderboards. He never needed to ride with an instructor or have a jazzy playlist – ugh – what an awful upgrade!

  • GingerKiwi_Dev says:

    I’m rehabbing from both Achilles tendonitis and a fractured tailbone. Scenic rides are great because it’s like I’m getting outside and actually moving (instead of walking with a cane).
    I was looking forward to doing my second ride in months today – a 15 minute scenic ride in Wellington New Zealand (where I spent grade school), only to find that scenic rides are no longer available. Pretty miffed that the rides have been taken off of digital. I’m going through a career change into IT and am back in school so I can’t right now afford Peloton hardware. I was planning on getting a Peloton when I’m back in the workforce – but this move is really turning me off. I’m keeping the app because the yoga and Pilates instructors are great, but am looking into other options for rehab rides.

  • Tavolo says:

    I’m bummed. I ride the scenic rides only. No classes. That’s just my preference. I like the idea of a self paced ride with a variety of scenes. My favs being 30 minute rides in Paris, New England fall ride, Chicago, Australia’s Bondi beach, the French countrysides, and on and on. I DO NOT want guided scenic rides. I rode the Big Sur guided ride and just about quit the ride, I was so disgusted. At times, you’re up in the air reminiscent of the E.T. ( the extraterrestrial) bike ride through the sky. Pisser!

  • ReseF says:

    HELP! No — they didn’t do what I think they just did? Did they remove all my scenic rides. I’ve done only scenic rides for the last two years. I’m about to have an adult meltdown. Please get Peloton to place those already existing, library of rides in the “Just Rides” section. I’ll pay money to have access to them. Just get them back!!!

  • Tavolo says:

    Peloton CEO and investors, please be advised that my $41.74 will no longer be available for auto withdrawal, effective May 15, 2021.

  • Dave says:

    Very disappointed that peloton has taken all the old scenic ride away. That’s all I would ride. I loved the stats and leaderboard.

  • Otaviano Netto says:

    I also own the Peloton bike and I’m very disappointed about the new changes on scenic rides. Please bring the old rides back!!

  • Elody says:

    Yikes! Please give back all the Scenic rides, and/or add new ones! My husband only does the 20 minute scenic rides (no classes) and now there’s only 3 to choose from (before, there was a great selection!)

    We have a Bike+, so … definitely qualify!

  • Diane Hoppey says:

    Please bring back the scenic rides with the leaderboard. That was my go-to as a woman trying to get back into shape. Why did you do this?

  • andrew mayhew says:

    i am really disappointed that all the old scenic rides have been removed. I loved them and the new ones are not a patch, No leader board, much reduced selection, and especially during lockdowns, the variety took you to places you recognised as having visited but cannot go to currently – why on earth would they do this – a big part of my using the app. Feels like corporate ivory tower decision with no consumer understanding!

  • J. Hart says:

    class action lawsuit needed for false advertising; done with Peloton.

  • C O'Brien says:

    Bring the old scenic rides back!! I purchase the bike and tread specifically for the screens and scenic rides.. What a waste! I have cancelled my membership and will be returning the thread.

  • Bob says:

    Just ride the scenic rides on YouTube with your own music. Dozens of them and free! No need to spend the $40 a month to peloton, buy a tv for in front of your bike instead.

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