New Peloton Class Types coming? Speculation: Long distance outdoor ride & run support?

Last week, Bob Treemore reported that Peloton’s backend systems had four brand new class types appear in the system, although they are marked as inactive. The class type list is what controls the filter for classes on the Peloton app and devices. For example, some class types are “Power Zone”, “Climb”, and “Intervals” on the Bike, or “Endurance” and “Speed” on the Tread.

The four new class types that appeared last week are:

  • Distance Cycling
  • Guided Cycling
  • Distance Running
  • Guided Running

The appearance of these could mean nothing (and that it was data that will never be used), or it could be evidence of some new modes coming to Peloton soon. Peloton’s CFO Jill Woodworth mentioned last week how Peloton has hundreds of features on the roadmap, so this could be the start of some newly planned feature.

Assuming these new class types aren’t just testing data – what could they mean?

On the Bike & Tread indoor, you have the ability to select “Just Ride” or “Just Run”, which gives members the ability to workout as long as they want and have all their data & metrics tracked in one workout. To date, members who wish to run outdoors do not have any sort of ability like this. Peloton has added some Outdoor Audio workouts, but if you are running for a longer distance, you have to start and stop multiple workouts. And as of yet, there is no Outdoor Ride mode.

Knowing all this, these new classes could be the foundation that allow an outdoor riding mode for riders who also ride a bike that goes somewhere, and outdoor runners looking to do longer workouts. “Distance Cycling” and “Distance Running” sound like they would be perfect names for such a functionality. It isn’t as clear what the Guided Cycling & Guided Running might be in this context – let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

Alternatively, this could have nothing to do with outdoors, and instead, Peloton might be planning to rebrand “Just Ride” and “Just Run” and split it into multiple categories. The “Just Ride” and “Just Run” we are used to today could become “Distance Cycling” and “Distance Running”. Again, it isn’t clear what the Guided versions would be, but we might find out soon enough.

Shortly after Bob reported the class types had been added, they were renamed in the system with some fake names. This could be to prevent more people from finding them, or just be a coincidence in timing. The new (temporary?) names in the system are:

  • Brass 1 Cycling
  • Brass 2 Cycling
  • Brass 1 Running
  • Brass 2 Running

What do you think these new class types would be if they end up getting turned on?

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  • Tami says:

    Becs mentioned something new last week that she recorded so there’s hope

  • PRGal says:

    I wonder if the guided runs/cycles are to compete more closely to ifit whose niche is more trainer led runs in various locations around the world?

  • Gin says:

    Guided cycling and running is probably like the outdoor run. Where if you’re cycling outside, it will tell you to accelerate for x amount of time, go back down to y speed, etc.

  • William Stasiowski says:

    wish they would have guided video classes like ifit where it’s in different locations outside and you are following another runner or cyclist. that would be awesome if they would add some like that.

  • Robin says:

    I am frustrated with the lack of long outdoor runs. Last winter there was 8 sixty minute runs. They have removed all but two. While 8 was not enough (I had them memorized ), it was better than two. I do three long runs a week.

    During the summer, I stack multiple runs. You have to stop to get the next class going. This will be hard in the winter. I have run in 13 degree weather and you can not switch to the next class without incurring frostbite

    I have spoken to Peloton multiple times with no luck. Any thoughts?

  • Zack says:

    I’ve been asking peloton to add a “free run” button on their app for over a year. All I want is peloton to track my run while I listen to my own music for as long or as short as I want and get the peloton credit. I don’t always want to take an outdoor class which are very limited to begin with. So much of the incentive to work out lies with in the streaks and adding that button seems pretty easy. I know it would make a lot of people happy.

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