Report: New Emma Lovewell Crush Your Core 2 program for Peloton launches tomorrow

Update – The new Crush Your Core 2 program is officially here. See full details & class lists here.

This morning, Emma Lovewell took to Instagram to tease that “something” was launching on Friday (tomorrow). In addition to sharing she would be doing a Facebook live Friday @ 12:00pm ET to talk about whatever was launching, her post simply said:

You ready? 💪🏽 Friday 10am ET.

It appears that this is a teaser for a new Emma Lovewell Crush Your Core 2.0 program for Peloton. From the comments on her post, this was overwhelmingly what everyone is hoping launches tomorrow.

However, it seems we have early confirmation this is what will be dropping thanks to Adrian Williams. In his live core class this morning, he specifically mentioned that Emma will be dropping the Crush Your Core 2 program tomorrow! This happen during the pre-class segment of the show – so can’t be seen on-demand. However, you can see what he said before class below, or here on YouTube, confirming the launch of the program:

Thanks to Daviada M. Wright-Harris of the Adrian Williams’ Thunder Squad Facebook Group for capturing this video!

Additionally, in several of Emma’s recent core classes in the past few weeks, she has talked about crushing your core in them.

Emma’s first Crush Your Core program (which you can view the full class list of here) is one of the more popular programs on the Peloton platform.

In all of the most recent Peloton programs, like Andy Speer’s Total Strength 2, as well as the new Peloton boxing Programs, all of the classes are exclusively available as part of the program. Based on this, one wouldn’t expect that these recent classes are part of the new program, unless they disappear from the regular on-demand library tomorrow – or remain available as a teaser to get people to sign up for the full program.

However, as always, we’ll have Peloton’s Crush Your Core 2 program with Emma Lovewell added to our full list of Peloton programs, with a list of all the classes and links to each one – so you’ll be able to take any of the classes you want from any week, whether or not you are in the program.

Are you looking forward to Crush Your Core 2.0?

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