Hands-on review of the Endo Frame Peloton Caddy Accessory (Prototype)

After teasing the news on social media for the past week, a new Peloton accessory has launched through a Kickstarter campaign – the Endo Frame. The Endo Frame is a self-described “8-feature Peloton Caddy” for the original Peloton Bike, designed to hold all your Peloton accessories, and make them easier access while riding and store when not in use. Their team reached out to us and asked if we’d be interested in doing a review of the product. Given they are still in the Kickstarter phase, they don’t have the absolute final version of the product yet – however, they were able to create and send us a 3D printed prototype of the frame. So while it has the functionality of the final design, the final product will be injection molded using a high strength Polycarbonate ABS, providing a more finished look, and ensuring all the accessories snap securely into place.

As noted above, their team sent us the product to try out, after which we sent it back to them. The links in this review are affiliate links, which means if you end up deciding to purchase the Endo Frame through our links, you’ll be supporting our site.

We have a full hands on video demo & review of the Endo Frame. You can watch it embedded below, or find it here via YouTube. If you prefer reading, continue on for a full hands-on review of the Endo Frame accessory for the Peloton Bike.

Endo Frame Review – 8 Feature Peloton Caddy

Endo Frame Pricing Information

First things first – you can find and purchase the Endo Frame from their Kickstarter campaign here.

The price listed on their website for the Endo Frame is $149, however, they have some discounts available for the first people who sign up, bringing the price down to $129. In addition to the frame itself, you will also get a dual-head handlebar-mounted fan, and a $30 coupon for BioSteel.

The product is launching preorders through a KickStarter launch. The goal is to raise $100,000 – and if that target isn’t reached, backers will get a full refund. Colleen Quigley (who won the Peloton ESPN all-star competition) is signed on as an ambassador for the company. She also got a hands-on demo of the frame, which you can see embedded below if you’d like another look at it.

Endo Frame Installation

Installation of the Endo Frame is quite simple – you simply slide the frame over your Peloton video screen (see the first minute of our video for a demo of this). The prototype was surprisingly light and took no effort to slide on or off. Once the frame is in place on your monitor, you can then attach the different accessories and mounts – the different components go into the mounting holes, and then slide to lock into place.

The Endo Frame was designed so that the power button, volume buttons, and headphone jack are all still accessible. The power button is slightly more difficult to reach, since you have to reach around the bluetooth speaker, but you adjust quickly to this. The Peloton is designed so that you can leave it on overnight and not need to use the power button, but given more people need to reboot to fix issues with their high fives not working, you might still need to use the power every now and then.

Endo Frame Accessories & Mounts

The front of the Endo Frame in use. Water bottle holder, Bluetooth Speaker holder, Phone Mount, Towel Hook, and lip for iPad. Unfortunately, funny cat videos not included with your purchase.

The Endo Frame is designed with mounting slots around the frame, so that different accessories can be attached, and moved around as needed – and you can add additional ones in the future as you need them or new ones are created.

The core package that is launching has 8 different features & mounts:

  1. Water bottle holder
  2. Bluetooth Speaker Mount
  3. Magnetic Phone Holder (with 3 magnetic backing plates for different devices)
  4. Towel Hook
  5. Ledge for tablet/iPad
  6. Shoe Holder
  7. Peloton Tool Holder (for those allen wrenches that came with your bike)
  8. Disinfectant wipe dispenser

As mentioned above, in addition to all the mounts, you will also be getting a dual-head handlebar-mounted fan, and a $30 coupon for BioSteel.

Overview & thoughts of the 8 different features of the Endo Frame

Water Bottle Holder of Endo Frame

We spent a little over a week using the Endo Frame daily – and found it made several things much more convenient. For example, rather than use the built-in water bottles of the Peloton, which require you to reach down to grab next to the resistance knob, we typically ride with them on a small table next to us for easier access (This is just personal preference of that being easier than having to bend over to grab the water from the built in water holders). However, with the water bottle mount of the Endo Frame, we found it was much easier to grab the water from there, as well as replace it. Additionally, the water bottle mount allows the use of larger 32oz size-flask bottles, which isn’t really possible with the regular water bottle holders on the Peloton frame (unless you swapped them out yourself). We tried the Endo Frame both with a 32oz bottle, and the more standard 16oz bottles you’d find on road bikes, and it worked well with either. The Endo team noted that the final model would include some rubber pads inside the water holder to prevent any rattling, although we didn’t really notice any without it.

Magnetic Phone Holder of Endo Frame

The magnetic phone holder of the Endor Frame was our favorite feature of the frame. As a power zone rider, we use the free Power Zone Timer for Peloton & Library tool while riding to keep up with zone changes and not fall victim to #MattMath. We normally have the website open on our phone on the table next to us, and it’s easy enough to glance at it there. However, the Endo Frame brings the phone right next to the display, so it’s much easier to see where we are in the ride.

This positioning also means that if a text or email came in that we needed to respond to while riding, it is effortless to grab the phone, send a note back, and reattach it. The frame ships with 3 different 3M attachable magnets, so you can mount a phone, remote, and baby monitor, or any combination of devices to this mounting point. The mount is intended to be used with the 3M attachable magnet. However, we know many modern phones are magnetic, so tried an experiment of trying to attach both an iPhone 12 Pro and a Pixel 3 *without* using the 3M backing plate. Unfortunately, it was not quite strong enough on it’s own. As soon as we inserted one of the 3M magnets in our phone case (again, which is what the instructions recommend), the phone stayed perfectly in place.

Towel Holder of Endo Frame

The towel holder is also a nice touch. If you are someone who forgets to wash their towel after every ride, rather than drape it across the seat or handlebars, you can now store it on the hook between rides. But, while riding, it’s also easy to grab it, towel off, and replace it. This can also be a useful place to store a wrist-based heart rate monitor if you use one of those (see our recommended accessories if you aren’t sure which to get).

Endo Frame Bluetooth Speaker Holder

We all agree that the built in speakers of the Peloton Bike are fairly terrible, correct? (That’s actually one of the big upgrade points Peloton makes about the new Bike+). For better sound, you would want to use the casting feature to cast the audio & video to a TV, or use the Bluetooth functionality with a Bluetooth speaker – which is where Endo’s speaker holder comes in. It’s designed to hold most cylindrical speakers, such as the Ultimate Ears Boom, JBL Flip or Beats Pill+. Even with just a small cylindrical speaker, you can get a big difference in audio quality (we demonstrate the difference with and without a speaker in our video demo). While you could place a Bluetooth speaker in the plastic water bottle holder attached to the frame of your bike, or get a 3D printed mount to hang it from the handlebars, the Endo Frame mount brings the speaker front & center.

Endo Frame Tool Holder, Shoe Holder & Wipe Dispenser
The rear accessory holders of the Endo Frame

The 3 components on the back of the Endo Frame were nice small additions, but probably won’t be game changers for many people.

The spots to hold your shoes work fine – but then again, so does the method of hanging them on the weight racks at the back of our bike (see our video if you aren’t sure what we are referring to). The tool holder can be a useful solution for storing the Allen wrenches that came with your Peloton if you don’t have a permanent place for them. Similarly, the cleaning wipe holder might prompt you to wipe down your bike more often if you see it sitting there when you hang up your shoes. Endo tells us they plan to offer an optional subscription service for the wipes at $5.99 / month for people who use the wipes frequently.

Lip for Tablet or Phone on the Endo Frame

Finally, if you are doing a more relaxing ride, the Endo Frame has a small lip on the front, designed to hold a tablet, making it easy to watch Netflix while riding. It worked for both smaller tablets, like the iPad mini, as well as larger tablets like the iPad pro. It does cover up much of the lower display, so this is probably best for doing scenic rides or more casual workouts. If you need a solution for using a tablet without covering up the display, you would likely want to look into a SpinTray instead (which we also reviewed here).

Future Expansion Options

The Endo Frame is built so that the frame itself contains a bunch of slots, and all of the accessory mounts on the Frame lock into place using those slots. This means that some of the accessories can be moved around (for example, the phone can be moved up and down on the right side of the frame). It also means that new accessories can be added to the frame in the future. The Endo team tells us that they’ll take the feedback from their customers and design and release new attachments as needed – and Kickstarter backers will get special VIP pricing on those too.

Real-World Tests with the Endo Frame Accessory

Our main concern when we first saw the Endo Frame was what would happen when riding at higher outputs & efforts (i.e. during the sprints of a HIIT, Tabata, or Zone 6-7 in a power zone Max Ride). Would our phone fall off? How much would the water bottle rattle? Would the iPad slide off?

We were pleasantly surprised in all of our tests. With the magnet either attached to the phone or tucked in the case, the phone didn’t budge an inch no matter what intensity we rode at. Out of saddle max efforts did cause some slight movement of the water bottle (both the 32oz and 16oz bottles), however, it wasn’t anything we’d really notice. We did find that during our hardest efforts (literally maximum out of saddle efforts), the shaking of the bike caused the iPad to slightly start sliding to the side – but it was gradual, and we expect that if you are watching a movie on an iPad you probably won’t be doing out of saddle sprints. Be sure to watch the 2nd half of our video, as we have some video demonstrations of how stable the Endo Frame was during maximum effort sprints.

Final Thoughts on the Endo Frame Peloton Accessory – Would you recommend it?

The Endo Frame itself worked great, and we really enjoyed the convenience it brought. Specifically, the 3 things we enjoyed the most about the Endo Frame were:

  1. Our phone was more accessible and we could more easily use the Power Zone Timer for Peloton
  2. The water bottle was more accessible than with the normal holders on the Bike (and allows the use of a larger 32oz size flask if you wish)
  3. A convenient mount point for using a Bluetooth Speaker

While some might enjoy the “extra value” of the added fan and BioSteel coupon, we would have liked to see a lower priced option that left those items out, to make the Frame more affordable.

Additionally, while it’s nice you can move the phone holder up and down on the right side, we would have liked to be able to use it on the left side as well. As we mention above, the Frame system is designed to be modular and extendable, so it’s possible one of the future accessories will be a left-side mounted phone mount.

While we enjoyed the Endo Frame and can easily see it becoming a permanent addition to our own personal bike – it’s worth pointing out that there are alternatives to most of these features, or you can try and build your own through individual purchases on Etsy or Amazon – although it won’t be as cohesive and easy to use solution as the Frame. For example, instead of the shoe holder racks on the back of the monitor, you can use the included weight holders of the bike (or enhance it with some 3D printed hooks across them). The Peloton does come with 2 water bottle holders, so you can store a water bottle and bluetooth speaker there. A towel can drape across your handlebar, and you can get a 3D Printed phone holder for your handlebars (although if you sweat like us, the phone might quickly start floating in water). You’d probably end up saving a few dollars by separately gathering all of those components on Etsy or Amazon. However, there is something to be said the convenience of a well-designed all in one solution, which the Endo Frame is.

For those wondering about the Bike+, at this time the Frame is only available for the original Bike. However, the Endo Frame team has told us that there is a Bike+ model is in the works too.

Assuming the final production model of the Endo Frame work as well as our prototype did, the Endo Frame is a nice convenience product we would recommend if it fits your budget, and you want an all-in-one solution vs buying pieces DIY on Etsy. If you have a friend in need of a Peloton related gift idea, this might be a good item for them (again, budget allowing). We’ve found ourselves missing some of the features it provides already as we’ve transitioned back to riding on our Bike+.

If the Endo Frame looks like a product your Peloton needs, you can purchase your own Endo Frame from their Kickstarter here.

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