Product Review: Top Form Design’s “The Pivot” – Rotate & Swivel the original Peloton Bike screen

This week, we’re reviewing an accessory designed specifically for the original Peloton Bike. “The Pivot”, made by Top Form Design, allows you to rotate, swivel, and angle the video screen on the original Peloton Bike a full 360 degrees. This was one of the big selling points of the new Peloton Bike+ when it was announced – but Top Form Design’s accessory allows you to upgrade your original Peloton Bike with that rotate & swivel functionality! In addition to being able to rotate a full 360 degrees, you can easily adjust the angle of your screen as well – making it the perfect companion for Bike Bootcamp classes or floor classes like yoga & strength.

Image of the Pivot rotated
The screen rotated on an original Peloton Bike with The Pivot installed.

You can purchase “The Pivot” here. You can also use our discount code for The Pivot (“PeloBuddy”) and save 10% as well.

Note that Top Form Design sent us The Pivot to review and try out. If you end up purchasing with our coupon code for The Pivot or affiliate link, not only will you save 10%, but you’ll be supporting our site.

We have a full hands on video demo & review of the The Pivot from trying it out and riding with it the past several weeks. You can watch it embedded below, or find it here via YouTube. If you prefer reading, continue on for a full hands-on review of the The Pivot accessory for the Peloton Bike.

Top Form Design The Pivot Review – Upgrade your Peloton Bike to swivel & rotate the tablet

The Pivot Pricing Information

Retail price of The Pivot on their website at time of publishing is $59.99 (with our 10% discount code of “PeloBuddy” that will bring your price to just under $54, plus shipping & tax).

Earlier this year, and last year, demand was so high that the product was on backlog, but it appears they have more inventory now, and The Pivot will ship in 2-3 weeks.

The Pivot Installation (How do you install The Pivot on a Peloton Bike? Installation Guide for The Pivot & Peloton)

We demonstrate installation of The Pivot in our video above, and Top Form Design has an in-depth installation guide on their YouTube site as well.

They recommend to have two people for the install, although it is possible with one person. We were able to install it solo, but definitely would have appreciated a second set of hands for the final step of re-attaching the screen to the bike.

With that caveat aside, the installation is fairly straightforward and simple, and you should be up and running in less than 15 minutes. First make sure to unplug the data cables going into the monitor! Next, you remove the bolt and washer from the back of your monitor, and place the screen on the floor. You’ll use that same bolt and washers to attach the pivot to the back of the monitor with it on the floor. Finally (and this is the step where a second set of hands is helpful), you use a new bolt & washers that are included with The Pivot to attach The Pivot to the frame of the Peloton Bike. Make sure all the bolts are tightened and you are good to go! All the bolts, washers, and wrenches you need for the installation come with the Pivot, so you shouldn’t need to dig up any extra tools.

Picture of the Pivot installed.
The Pivot installed on an original Peloton Bike.

One thing to note is that you might need to periodically re-tigthen the bolts – especially after the first few uses. This is normal & expected. The exact level things need to be tightened is up to personal preference.

Top Form Design The Pivot – Usage Report

There’s not a ton to say here – The Pivot just works. Once it’s installed, The Pivot allows you to rotate your screen a full 360 degrees in any direction, much like you can with the new Bike+. You can also angle your screen to point to the ceiling, as well as angle it slightly down towards the floor. The best way to think about it is The Pivot lets you upgrade your original Peloton Bike with the same rotating screen features the new Bike+ has.

There was one negative we noticed on The Pivot – which is it has the potential to scuff up the top of your handlebars, and bottom of your screen as you rotate it. Depending on the angle the screen is set at when you rotate it, it can make contact between the two points. Once you realize this happens, it’s somewhat easy avoid it. It’s worth pointing out that the rotation on the Bike+ suffers from a similar problem, in that the screen must be angled at a certain angle to be able to full rotate it.

Picture of The Pivot with some scuffing shown of handlebars.
You can see here some slight scuffing of the handlebars from where we scraped it with the screen when rotating The Pivot.

The one thing to keep in mind is you’ll just want to be careful with any cable management you do with the data cords – you’ll need a bit of slack to allow for the full rotation of the screen. Also, if you have your screen rotated at a perfect 90 degree angle from where it would normally face, you won’t be able to angle it quite as far down, as it will hit the handlebars of the bike. Rotating the screen a little bit more will allow for slightly more of a downward angle.

One other thing to know is that The Pivot will raise your screen by a few inches. This shouldn’t impact most people, but it’s worth pointing out. Also, The Pivot is compatible with another Top Form Design accessory called “The Adjuster”, which allows for fore/aft adjustment of your handlebars. You can find our review of The Adjuster here.

The Pivot Warranty – Will using The Pivot void the warranty on the Peloton Bike?

The biggest question people usually have is around the warranty – and Top Form Designs basically recommends that you assume this *will* void your warranty. However, as we cover above, the installation is very simple, which means removing it is as well. If you were to have a service call, and removed the Pivot to restore your bike back to normal before the technicians arrived, would Peloton be able to tell? It seems unlikely, but that is not advice, and we aren’t lawyers, so proceed at your own risk!

Image showing The Pivot rotating a screen
The Pivot allows for a full 360 degrees of rotation of the screen, as well as angling it up and down.

Final Thoughts on Top Form Design The Pivot- Is The Pivot Worth It? Would You Recommend The Pivot?

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your original Peloton Bike with some of the functionality of the new Bike+, The Pivot is a cost effective way to do so, and it just works. If you find yourself doing any type of floor workouts or wanting to try out Bike Bootcamp classes, The Pivot is probably a worthwhile investment for you. For less than $60, The Pivot is one of the biggest upgrades to their bike an original Peloton bike owner can make.

Image of the Pivot rotated
The screen rotated on an original Peloton Bike with The Pivot installed.

You can purchase The Pivot here at Top Form Design’s website, and don’t forget to use discount code “PeloBuddy” for 10% off your purchase.

Top Form Design has a number of other accessories for both the Bike, Bike+, and Treads, including the popular SpinTray (which we reviewed here) and a similar StepTray for the Peloton Tread – both of which allow you to use a laptop on your Bike or Tread as you work out.

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