Creators of “Spinning” suing Peloton for patent infringement

This week, Mad Dogg Athletics (the company that trademarked the phrase Spinning, as well as who created the first spin bikes in the 1990s), filed a lawsuit against Peloton alleging patent infringement. The company put out a press release with the news.

Mad Dogg Athletics filed for bankruptcy in 2018, however, in June 2020 a plan for reorganization was approved. The case is being filed in US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in Marshall, which is a hot spot for patent lawsuits being filed. The lawsuit makes the claim that the venue is appropriate, as Peloton has showrooms in the area, as well as their Plano, Texas regional campus.

Looking at the lawsuit itself, the lawsuit specifically alleges that Peloton is infringing on Mad Dogg Athletics’ patents Nos. 9,694,240 and 10,137,328, which “are directed to core features of an exercise bike designed to bring the experience of an instructor-led class into the rider’s home.”

John Baudhuin, co-founder and CEO of Mad Dogg Athletics said, “We revolutionized the indoor cycling category in 2008 with the eSpinner® bike which featured the world’s first touch-screen display designed to bring instructor-led coaching and power training straight to the rider’s home. Peloton has built its business by freeriding on Mad Dogg’s patent-protected innovations. Peloton cannot compete in the category that Mad Dogg created by trampling on Mad Dogg’s rights.”

In the lawsuit, the company lists the 10 or so major points covered under the trademark, and includes screenshots of a Peloton, highlighting their claim that the Peloton bike is in violation of every covered part of the patent.

The lawsuit is requesting damages for infringement, attorneys fees, as well as enhanced damages, and an order permanently stopping Peloton from infringing on the patents.

We will provide updates on this case as they become available, along with the numerous other lawsuits Peloton is currently litigating.

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