Peloton Shares Tips for Proper Form while Rowing with the Peloton Row

Members who own a Peloton Row may be interested to learn that Peloton has published a short video with tips for proper form. The three-minute video features instructor Alex Karwoski as he highlights the three most common rowing form mistakes, and how to avoid them.

You can watch the video via YouTube or embedded below.

The first common form mistake highlighted is “overreaching the catch” – in other words, leaning too far forward when you come back towards the screen. Alex explains that doing this compromises the position of power in your back, so you want to think about being strong and stable.

The second common form mistake when rowing is “opening early at the drive.” Alex discusses the temptation to rely too heavily on the upper body and not tap into the power you can use with your legs. Alex recommends thinking about “driving the seat back as your shoulders stay in front of the hips.”

The last common form mistake is “bending knees early.” This refers to the start of the recovery when you want to quickly get back towards the screen. Bending your knees early can cause you to hit your knees, or be forced to go up and over your knees. Instead, Alex recommends waiting until the handle is past your knees before you lift them.

Throughout the entire video Alex demonstrates both the incorrect and correct form so that members can really see the subtle differences between movements. He also highlights that these common mistakes are addressed through the Peloton Row’s form assist feature (form feedback).

To catch up on all things Peloton Row-related, you can visit this page.

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