Peloton Announces Permanent CEO of Precor & SVP Global Sales

Peloton has announced the next CEO of Precor, the commercial fitness equipment company they acquired back in 2021. They have also named a new senior vice president of global sales. Peloton shared the news in a press release:

Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON), the leading connected fitness platform, announced today its Board of Directors (“Board”) has appointed Dustin Grosz as Chief Executive Officer of Precor, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peloton, effective immediately. Grosz has served as Interim Chief Executive Officer since December 12, 2022. Grosz brings more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. He will report to Dion Camp Sanders, Chief Emerging Business Officer of Peloton.

We shared last December that Peloton had appointed Grosz as the interim CEO.

The Precor acquisition provided Peloton with U.S.-based manufacturing; however, in 2022 Peloton announced that they would be outsourcing all manufacturing to third parties. In addition, we shared in October that Peloton was reportedly exploring a potential sale of Precor.

However, Peloton has since decided not to pursue a sale. Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy provided the below information about Precor on the Q2 2023 earnings call earlier this month:

We maximize the value of our Precor investment by running Precor like a free- standing business, capitalizing on its core strengths, and leveraging the value it provides to owner-operators across the fitness industry.

In addition to naming Grosz as permanent CEO, Frank O’Rourke was also named a a new enior vice president of global sales.

Grosz will begin his position as CEO effective immediately. You can read more via the Peloton press release.

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