Peloton launches Mood Series & new Peloton Mood Classes

This morning Peloton announced the “Peloton Mood Series” – a set of special classes with the workout and musical theme designed to fit whatever mood you are in that day.

Peloton’s Mood Series is here to help you honor all three. However you’re feeling when you arrive at your workout, these special classes will give you the freedom and space to sit with your emotions, move through them or come out on the other side in a different state of mind. They’ll be a little different from our typical classes, because the focus will be on using the workout and playlist as a means to address your intention for being there—not so much about competition and your metrics.

Below, you can find the 5 Peloton moods that have been announced, as well as the list of classes for each:

Happy Peloton Series List of Classes & Schedule

Sad Peloton Series List of Classes & Schedule

Calm Peloton Series List of Classes & Schedule

Confident Peloton Series List of Classes & Schedule

Heated Peloton Series List of Classes & Schedule

At this time, there not appear to be any upcoming live classes in the Mood series – only the on-demand ones launched this morning. Time will tell whether Peloton continues to have these be special on-demand drops, or add them to the live schedule as well.

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