Peloton and lululemon Settle Lawsuit

In a quick turn of events, Peloton and lululemon have settled their ongoing lawsuit. Just this morning we shared that Peloton had their lawsuit against lululemon dismissed by a judge, paving the way for lululemon’s lawsuit against Peloton to move forward.

Yet earlier today the two companies reached a settlement, indicating that they were able to resolve the conflict out of a courtroom. According to Reuters:

Without admitting wrongdoing, Peloton has agreed to phase out “certain designs” that Lululemon had objected to in a lawsuit, the companies said in a joint statement on Friday.
“The parties have negotiated a mutually agreeable settlement, and are pleased the matters could be resolved amicably, resulting in dismissal of the pending litigation between them,” the companies said.

As a reminder, there were five Peloton Apparel products central to lululemon’s lawsuit:

  • Peloton Branded Strappy Bra
  • Peloton Cadent Laser Dot Leggings
  • Peloton’s Cadent Laser Dot Bra
  • Peloton Branded High Neck Bra
  • Peloton Cadent Peak Bra
Screenshot from lawsuit, showing a Peloton product next to the lululemon design patent.
Screenshot from lawsuit, showing a Peloton product next to the lululemon design patent.

According to lululemon these products directly infringed upon their design patents. As a result of this settlement it appears that Peloton will phase out particular designs. Note that many of these products are still available for purchase on the Peloton Apparel website and it is currently unclear whether they will be phasing out all five products, or just some of them.

Cadent Peak Bra on Peloton Apparel website.
Cadent Peak Bra on Peloton Apparel website.

If you’re interested in reading more about the origins of the dispute between Peloton and lululemon, check out our recent article.

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