Peloton files lawsuit against NordicTrack for Patent Infringement

Just when it looked like all of Peloton’s court battles were wrapping up, Peloton’s legal team filed a new lawsuit against Icon Health & Fitness, the company that produced NordicTrack fitness equipment.

The lawsuit claims that Icon used technology patented by Peloton that makes an on-demand classes feel like a live one by allowing users to compete against one another. While NordicTrack is known for their non-connected at home fitness equipment, the company had unsuccessfully tried to integrate on-demand classes into their business model.  In September, Icon released the “iFit Leaderboard,” which is eerily similar to the Peloton Leaderboard. Then, in May, Icon introduced the leaderboard for live classes as well.

Photo Credit: Scott Graham on Unsplash

Peloton also claims the Icon is using advertising to mislead customers by presenting their subscription fee as a discounted price. Peloton is asking Icon to remove the patented features from their equipment and to stop using the misleading ads.

Peloton has seen a growing number of copy cat companies trying to break into the at-home fitness market place. Peloton recently settled a similar case involving patent infringement against Flywheel. The Peloton rival ended up shuttering their at-home bike sales earlier this year as a result.

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Katie H
Katie is the editor of Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton in 2019, and has been riding ever since. Her favorite instructors include Matt Wilpers and Denis Morton.

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