Peloton x Brittany Allen Apparel Collaboration Teased As “Coming Soon”

Peloton members are likely aware that for certain special classes, many of the instructors wear custom designed clothing and outfits, created just for that ride.

UpdatePeloton has officially announced this apparel collection will be available at 6:15pm ET on 9/29/23.

What some may not know is that many of those are custom created for the instructors by designer Brittany Allen – who is a Peloton member herself, and who first began working with Peloton instructors by making custom outfits for Jess King. Over the years, she has worked with and created custom clothing items for many more of the instructors.

Brittany Allen is currently competing on the TV show “Project Runway”, and was one of the finalists in the show who made it to the last episode (we won’t spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t watched yet).

Peloton took to social media to wish her luck in the finale, and shared a video highlighting some of the outfits she has created for Peloton instructors over the year.

A video posted to @PelotonStudios wishing Brittany good luck.
A video posted to @PelotonStudios wishing Brittany good luck.

The video ended with a tease, and something many Peloton members have been asking for years – and that is that an official Brittany Allen Apparel Collaboration appears to be coming soon.

The final shot of the video was the Brittany Allen logo overlaid with the Peloton logo on top of it, with the words “Coming Soon”

Teaser in the video of Peloton x Brittany Allen apparel collaboration coming soon
Teaser in the video of Peloton x Brittany Allen apparel collaboration coming soon

Based on this, it sounds like Peloton members will soon have the opportunity to purchase clothes through the Peloton apparel store designed by Brittany Allen. No timeline for the collaboration has been announced.

As more details about this collaboration are revealed, we will be sure to provide updates.

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