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Peloton Bike+ & Bike Delivery Issues – Delivery Times Delayed, Port of Los Angeles Issues, Stock Downgraded, Long Wait Times

Update – Peloton addressed the delays on their earnings call, and detailed how they hope to fix it. Details in this new article here.

Peloton continues to have a problem which many others in the connected fitness space are likely to be jealous of – more demand than supply. Since March and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peloton has seen an unprecedented and unexpected surge in orders – at one point Peloton CEO John Foley stated in an interview that their order numbers in early spring were more in line what they would normally see for a holiday season. The difference was a holiday season surge is expected and the company scales up both production & staff to deal with those months in advance, which wasn’t possible here.

This week, Peloton has added a new banner to their website notifying customers that “Bike delivery times are 4 to 9 weeks. Bike+ delivery times may exceed 10 weeks”

New Banner on Peloton website warning of long delay times.

In September, Peloton introduced the new Bike+, generating a new wave of demand as people went out to upgrade their existing Bike to the Bike+, or new people began to order thanks to the resulting price drop on the original Peloton Bike.

Complicating issues is that some of Peloton’s inventory seems to be caught up in shipping – specifically due to “congestion at the Port of Los Angeles”. Some members this week have received the following email:

“We are experiencing unexpected delays in receiving inventory (including your Bike+) due to congestion at the Port of Los Angeles. As a result, we unfortunately need to reschedule your upcoming delivery.

Rest assured we are doing everything possible to get you your Bike+ as soon as we can, including adding new delivery capacity in the weeks ahead. Please click the button to reschedule your appointment”

Email notifying customers of delivery issues due to Port of Los Angeles.

Some members who ordered the Bike+ within the first hour of going on sale, on September 9th, have still yet to get their new Bike+. In fact, one of those members received the email above yesterday, and due to that issue, their earliest available date is now on December 1st. That means that for a first hour, first day order of the Bike+, their wait time will end up being 83 days (assuming another delivery change does not happen).

Several variations of this email are going out. Others state “Due to ongoing delays at the Port of Los Angeles, we unfortunately need to reschedule your upcoming Bike+ delivery”, and state that their delivery date has automatically been rescheduled, giving them a new date. In the examples we’ve seen, those dates are usually at the end of November or early December – roughly 4-5 weeks from now, on top of however long the original wait was.

Peloton is working in the background to improve lead times and cut down on capacity issues. A long running project is a brand new production facility being built by one of their two production partners, Tonic (who Peloton purchased last year). The new facility, expected to open in December 2020, would add the ability to produce 1.5 million units a year (and capacity can be shifted between Bike and Tread as needed). Peloton also plans to grow their in-house delivery fleet of vans and employees, tripling the size by 2023. Peloton’s other manufacturing partner, Rexon (also called Lishan), has literally been working around the clock since this summer to try to increase the number of devices produced.

Peloton is currently in a tight delivery situation and requires suppliers to increase shipments; it is understood that in response to strong customer demand Since the end of June, Lishan’s factory area has been changed to 24-hour production , and in July it also maintained full-day production.

This delay in shipments, and deliveries, are contributing to Peloton’s stock ratings as well. Yesterday, Goldman Sachs downgraded Peloton to Neutral from Buy. They note the stock has increased 458% over the last year, compared to 14% for the S&P 500. They state they believe in the long term opportunity, but think much of the near term opportunity is already priced into the current value. In the notice, they specifically call out the port delays as causing some risk to December guidance, which could cause some volatility in stock price.

On top of all this, Peloton has also seen more localized & regional delays in deliveries as well. At the end of September and early October, both the Houston warehouse and Atlanta warehouse (and possibly other areas as well) had delivery delays due to “staffing issues” – with a slate of deliveries having to be reschedule. The following is an exchange with customer service during that time for a member waiting on delivery in the Houston area:

I am seeing that you are in our Houston warehouse delivery area and unfortunately our warehouse is closed today due to staffing issues. Our delivery team leadership is working at getting everyone rescheduled as fast as they can and you will receive an email with a new delivery date and time.

Later reports stated that both of these were due to delivery team members needing to quarantine for COVID-19 or precautions for possible exposure.

It’s worth pointing out that not everyone is seeing massive delays or having issues with their orders – but that doesn’t make the delay any easier for those who are stuck waiting for delivery or having their delivery date changed over and over again. It remains to be seen what the wait times end up being for people who order during Peloton’s expected Black Friday sales this year.

We should get our first look at the number of units of the new Bike+ Peloton has been selling at the upcoming Q1 2021 earnings call in a few weeks.

Chris L
Chris is the founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and has been riding and running ever since. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.


  • Patrick says:

    We’re in the Portland area and ordered Bike+ on launch day with a Sept 21 initial delivery date. On September 18th we got a reschedule email with a change to Oct 23rd with no explanation. Several calls to support finally got an explanation that it was due to the Oregon fires and smoke delaying their ability to deliver. That was the first month+ delay. On Oct 21 (after 4pm Pacific, so after support hours) we received the above email about the delays due to issues at the Port of LA with a new delivery date scheduled for Nov 29th.

    It really seems their supply chain is thin and even though they are making excuses it is clear they have over promised on their delivery dates. Our initial reschedule excuse clearly wasn’t entirely true since it couldn’t have been a backup due to the fires if they didn’t actually have our bike even in the US yet. The overall support experience we’ve received has been unacceptable for a premium product in its category. Multiple promises that they would call back to follow up and they never have. Overall this has been a very frustrating experience.

    Buyers should beware at this point.

  • Ryan says:

    Ordered my Bike+ within the first couple of hours of release on 9/9/2020, was given an initial delivery every date of 10/28/2020. Confirmed with Peloton about my delivery on 10/15/2020, they stated my bike + was still going to be delivered on 10/28/2020. Today 10/23/2020 got the E-Mail stating my delivery date is being pushed back and will be contacted to setup a new date. My bike is suppose to be delivered by J.B Hunt. I am outside of Philadelphia. On their website they have a 12+ week delivery time for the Bike+. Frustrating experience.

  • Cheryl says:

    Ordered our bike in the first hour of the new bike and was supposed to received bike on Oct. 28th. Spoke with them on Oct 22nd was told everything was still set for Oct 28th. On Oct 23rd got the email that it will be delayed and the new delivery date is Thanksgiving Day. I called customer support telling them I need to change the delivery address since the original address is my parents second home and it will be closed down and no one can be there since it’s a major holiday. I was told that if I changed the address it’s will cause another several week delay even though their is only a 50 mile difference in addresses. So now I will have to wait at my closed up family home and miss Thanksgiving with my family just to have them transfer the bike to my car to bring it home. Don’t know which is worse them expecting people to miss the holiday with their family or them taking their workers away from their families on the holiday.

  • Charles says:

    My + bike was scheduled to be delivered in late October after waiting 5 weeks after placing my order. Received a note yesterday confirming a delivery date of late November. Received second email regarding issues with the port of LA. Poor customer service response No transparency and no offer of any type of compensation(3month worth of classes free, or discount on the bike). Members of the senior leadership team especially those responsible for the supply chain and forecasting should be moved aside and bring on professionals who may have a clue. I feel like senior leadership has been living in and operating out of a bubble since the start of the pandemic A frustrating and maddening experience for a premium product.

  • Chris Ferrell says:

    My neighbor in Charlotte, NC received his in 2 weeks from his order date in late Sept. Seems like some are getting through.

  • tina says:

    Ordered on first day offered. Never heard from anyone. After a friend received her bike, ordered weeks after me I called and they set up delivery for Oct 28 (tomorrow). Got email today saying it will be Dec 14th. What I don’t understand is how are people receiving bikes(3 people ordered after me) and have already received.

  • Chris says:

    I ordered a bike + on launch day around 5:30 or 6 am. I wasn’t able to immediately schedule a delivery but managed to do it the next day. Scheduled delivery was on October 5th. It was delivered as scheduled. I live in Houston, TX. Guess I got lucky.

  • Aaron fields says:

    Hey peeps,

    If you had an order the last week of October… I’m sorry to report that they put you at the end of the line.

    They decided to put all of those orders (when the lax port closed) at the end of the line.

    Instead of being ethical, and pushing all orders(and risk cancellations) they took that week of orders and put them at the end.

    Multiple friends of ours, even one up the street, continue to get their orders without impact.

    Yet, we ordered first, but got pushed.

    Beware before you order. Peloton isn’t an ethical company.

  • Angela Johnson says:

    I am considering buying a Bike+ in the next week, should I wait to do so? I keep reading about a lot of technical issues with the Bike+ in addition to shipping horrors. Is there any plan for these things to be improved upon in the near future? I’m nervous about spending such a large amount of money and not receiving the bike or having issues with it and not getting a refund.

  • Mtb.ID.mtns says:

    Ordered Bike+ on 9/14. Original delivery scheduled for 10/26. Auto rescheduled by Peloton to 12/28. We live in the Pacific Northwest area.

  • Ed S. says:

    Ordered the original Bike on 8/24/20. Was given a delivery date of Sep 28th. On Sep 8th I received an email offering us an upgrade to the new BIKE+ that was being released. Agreed to upgrade to the BIKE+ and the upgrade order was finally processed by Peloton on Sep 23rd. Received a delivery date of Nov 10th. I thought it odd that we hadn’t received any updates between Sep 23rd and Nov 10th except guess what, today, Nov 9th we receive an email from the delivery company making up a story that due to a huge backlog in deliveries our Bike+ won’t be delivered until after Thanksgiving Day and to call and schedule the new delivery date. Quite disappointed but we call to schedule the date and are told the earliest date will be December 31st. “After Thanksgiving Day?” It has become quite clear that they are not managing customers expectations. They are processing orders with no clue as to when their bikes will get through production let alone shipped to their customers. They are processing a huge volume of orders and charging their customers credit cards at the time the orders are being placed. They report their earnings to Wall Street and reflect incredible growth so their stock price can go up and up while their customer service is tanking and the their customers frustration is beyond measure. This is no way to run a public company. If you cannot fulfill the orders you should be telling people that they might have a 4-6 month wait. I would rather know that then be strung along so you and your management team can cash in your stock options while screwing your customers in the meantime. Yes, I would have looked for a competitors bike and given your company a wave goodbye. You are trapping people in an endless cycle of waiting and if they know that at the outset when the sale is being made, they can then decide to take their business elsewhere Shame on you Peloton!

  • Wills Reeves says:

    Rather than rehash the same story, ordered the bike, delivery canceled, etc. I propose that a list of customers who are unhappy with their fake delivery dates band together with their names and delivery dates to John Foley. Maybe a list of thousands of names and dates may be the visual aid needed.
    -Wills Reeves 10/24/20-10/31/20-12/23/20

  • Steve says:

    Delivery scheduled for November 21. Less than 3 hours before the delivery window on November 21, I get an email breathlessly advising of my January 6, 2021 delivery date. By waiting until the last second to reschedule, Peloton minimizes your ability to get into the queue for a competing product. Cheesy and intentional. I was, however offered a $200 credit after I started talking about canceling the order and buying a NordicTrack..

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