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Peloton CEO John Foley Interviewed on “How I Built This” Resilience Series

Last week, Peloton CEO John Foley sat down with NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast for an interview with Guy Raz.

Their interview covered a number of topics, including:

  • Peloton’s 5-10 year plan for international expansion to 25+ countries, including the rest of Europe and Asia.
  • The surge in demand Peloton saw from COVID-19 starting March 13th.
  • Investments Peloton has made in supply chain logistics.
  • Thoughts on whether business school might be a good investment in the current environment.
  • General tips for young entrepreneurs.
  • How Peloton employees have been coping with the new work from home environment.
  • Peloton’s plans for future product lines (they have been investing a lot of money in R&D), and specifically whether a rower might be in the plans.
  • Plans for cheaper version of the bike & treadmill in the future (again mentioning their “Better/Best” strategy.

One small item worth pointing out specifically is that John teased some new programming that might happen in the future. He mentions that the new “Live From Home” series, where the instructors broadcast from their living rooms, was a whole new setup from them. It required them shipping hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment to a mobile location, and broadcast high quality content. However, John teases that now that they’ve tested this and know they have the capability, this will allow them to do some interesting mobile broadcasts in the future. He doesn’t say specifically what those plans might be, but be on the lookout for some interesting “Peloton Mobile” workouts in the future!

You can find the entire episode here, or embedded below:

This was John Foley’s second appearance on the podcast. In April of 2019 he appeared on another episode covering a wide variety of topics.

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