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Memo: Peloton Holiday Party was a private event hosted by John & Jill Foley

If you follow any almost any instructor on social media, last week you probably saw dozens of photos of the Peloton instructors at what looked like a Peloton holiday party at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.

It turns out that this was in fact not a company holiday party, and instead a private event hosted by Peloton CEO John Foley and his wife Jill Foley. This explains why almost all the posts about the event thanked John & Jill personally in their captions.

This party has apparently led to some Peloton employees being upset about the situation – so much so that John Foley sent a company wide memo addressing the party yesterday.

In his memo, he clarified that this was a private event for “our vaccinated friends and family”, which included some Peloton teammates, but not all. He reiterated that it was not an official event in any capacity.

He went on to apologize to any Peloton teammates who were frustrated or angered by the event, and while that wasn’t his intention to upset anyone, he looked forward to when the entire company could get together again.

He concluded his memo by asking that the team focus on business related topics at an upcoming meeting.

You can read the entire message he sent to the Peloton team below.

Hi Team — This holiday season, my wife and I hosted a personal party for our vaccinated family and friends to celebrate all NYC has been through over the past two years. Although some Peloton teammates were invited, this event was not officially affiliated with Peloton in any capacity.

I have since learned that this personal event has caused frustration and angst within our team. Please know, that was never the intention. I care deeply about this team, and am very much looking forward to a time when we can all be together again.

Tomorrow, we are going to focus our monthly All Hands, as we have always done, on business-related topics, not personal events.

I hope you can join me on focusing on the important work so many of our teammates have prepared to share tomorrow.

Image credit Jess Sims Instagram.
Image credit Jess Sims Instagram.

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    How to create a toxic work environment? Do not invite ALL instructors on the platform.

  • Andrea says:

    Honestly this was a really bad look. Financially, the company isn’t doing well with the PR fiasco after And Just Like That causing the stock to drop, the reduced 2022 outlook, the hiring freeze and the significant paycuts it really seems tonedeaf to have a party at The Plaza of all places. Nothing wrong with celebrating the end of another tough year but this was so over the top lavish, which will now open up questions about Foley’s compensation as a result of his corporate goals (if any), which I question he hit in 2021.

  • lola urquiola says:

    really? A private party is that..private you choose who goes. Are you buddies with everyone at work enough to invite them to YOUR party,? really?

  • Edwin Martinez says:

    Wow I usually don’t post or make any comments online. But this by far was really lousy what this CEO and his wife did and says everything about the Peloton company. What kills me the most is that he wants to have a meeting to discuss business related topics. Yeah right, I would not give this company any of my ideas or share anything with them for that matter. You gotta love corporate America and their phony hypocrisy. If I was an instructor for this company that wasn’t invited I would quit.

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