New Statistics Added for Peloton Guide Workouts on App & Web Browser

Peloton has added new, detailed statistics to the app and web browser for workouts taken on the Guide. Members can now see the percentage of the movement tracker targets hit, as well as the total reps and weight count for that particular class.

New statistics available for Guide workouts on app and web browser.
New statistics available for Guide workouts on app and web browser.

You can view these statistics by viewing the class in your profile workout history, and you can also view the statistics for other members.

The “targets hit” percentage indicates how closely you kept up with the movement tracker for the class. Depending on how high the percentage is, members may also see a medal level such as gold, silver, and bronze. For those unfamiliar, the movement tracker feature gives members credit for following the class plan – it does not count reps or check form, it only examines whether or not you’re doing the movement the instructor called out.

In addition, members will also now see the total reps completed throughout the entire class. Rep tracking – or rep counting – was a highly requested feature following the Guide’s launch, and it officially rolled out last September. The total reps statistic displays how many reps were completed during the workout across all strength movements.

The new section of statistics also displays the volume of weight lifted by the end of the class, utilizing the “virtual weight rack” feature that launched alongside rep tracking last fall. Members can customize their virtual weight rack by inputting weights for their light, medium, and heavy weights. From this information, Peloton tracks the total weight lifted in that particular class.

The new statistics section contains a note that taking the class again will provide comparative statistics. This means that you can track your progress between the first time you’ve taken a class, the second time, and so on.

If you’re a Guide user, will these new statistics be useful to you?

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  • Curtis Ransom says:

    The next step should be having the rep count and weight available for each exercise on the app and web. Having to get that data from the Guide is clunky.

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