2022 Peloton Juneteenth Classes + New York Studio Closed June 20

Peloton has announced their 2022 Juneteenth classes, sharing the news via Instagram:

This weekend, we unite in lifting up the power and joy of our Black community. June 19 is a day to commemorate Juneteenth—an annual celebration of freedom that marks the anniversary of the day in 1865 when enslaved people in Texas finally learned they were free.
In honor of this important milestone in the ongoing fight for freedom, we’re bringing you a full schedule of live and on-demand classes starting June 17 and all weekend long. Check the live schedule for details and to count yourself in.

There will be eight total classes across a wide variety of modalities, including a Speak Up ride, yoga flow & meditation, a Muhammad Ali boxing class, several “Juneteenth” classes, and a special Lanebreak release. You can find the complete list of classes below:

Juneteenth 2022 Peloton Classes & Workouts

  • 30 min. Juneteenth Bootcamp – Adrian Williams – 6/17/22 @ 9:30am ET
  • 30 min. Juneteenth Outdoor Run – Kirsten Ferguson – 6/17/22 @ 11:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 30 min. Speak Up Ride – Tunde Oyeneyin – 6/17/22 @ 5:45pm ET
  • 20 min. Breathe In, Speak Up Yoga Flow – Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 6/17/22 @ 6:20pm ET
  • 10 min. Breathe In, Speak Up Meditation – Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 6/17/22 @ 6:55pm ET
  • 30 min. Muhammad Ali Shadowboxing – Rad Lopez – 6/18/22 @ 10:30am ET
  • 20 min. Juneteenth Barre – Ally Love – 6/19/22 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 30 min. Juneteenth Run – Marcel Dinkins – 6/19/22 @ 12:00pm ET
  • 15 min. Juneteenth Jubilee – Peloton Lanebreak Ride – 6/17/22 @ 11:00am ET [On-Demand]

Classes will also encore on Monday, June 20 throughout the day, as Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) will be closed (note there will still be live classes happening from Peloton Studios London). Each of these classes will be placed into the Juneteenth Collection for easy access once they become available on demand. You can also view classes from 2021 in the collection.

Last year members earned a special Juneteenth badge upon completion of a Juneteenth class, meaning there will potentially be a badge this year. If you’re looking to view all available badges, check out our complete guide.

June 19th also happens to be Father’s Day in the U.S. this year – you can read about Father’s Day programming in our overview article.

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