New Mental Health Awareness Peloton Classes as part of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

This week, Peloton is teaching a number of special Mental Health Awareness Classes as part of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022.

There are a number of live rides, yoga classes, meditations, runs, strength classes, stretches, and even a live boxing class. In addition to all the live classes, several are dropping on-demand as well.

This is the third year Peloton has had Mental Health Awareness Classes (or World Mental Health Day). You can find a list of previous Mental Health Classes here.

Below is the list of Peloton’s 2022 Mental Health Awareness classes:

Peloton’s 2022 Mental Health Awareness Classes

In addition to these classes, Peloton will have a special “Dear Evan Hansen” themed Broadway series at the end of the week. At time of posting, there are 3 Broadway classes on the schedule, but they have yet to be officially renamed to Dear Evan Hansen. We keep a list of Peloton’s Broadway classes if you’d like to check out more of those classes.

Peloton will also be adding some new Mood Series classes, which are supposed to drop on Wednesday, May 18. If you’re not familiar with the Mood series, you can read more about it here and find a list of all previous Peloton mood classes.

Several of the coaches have posted about their classes on social media.

Camila Ramon said the following about her ride:

Your vulnerability is your power – your emotions are not your weaknesses, they’re your strengths – Needing to practice patience and kindness with yourself does not mean you’re broken, it means you have hope and you understand the process. There is no right way & we’re all just trying our best.

30 minute Mental Health Awareness ride at 6AM was so special. Be sure to catch it on-demand soon 💚 ily

Kendall Toole talked about her shadowboxing class:

⚡️there is no light without shadow…you have to embrace both⚡️

A wonderful week is ahead, it’s an epic full moon/eclipse tonight (my sleep patterns have been WILD the last 48 hours thank yewww) and the same theme has been coming up in conversations over the past week: the balance of powers.

You cannot create something new without first accepting the destruction and release of another, you cannot understand the power of light without it being contrasted by the depth of shadow.

This weeks 30 min Mental Health Awareness Shadowboxing class will honor just that: our light THROUGH honoring the shadow/ the pain, the darkness. We need the honor the valleys to appreciate the peaks, we need to know our ability to destroy to embrace the capacity it takes to create, we have to embrace both.

This week, let’s go deeper, sit within the shadowy parts of ourselves, honor the information and redirection that can come from exploring that space and let go what isn’t serving our highest good/best mentally healthy selves.

Time for some shift— let’s embrace it. 🌪🔥⚡️

Let me know if you’ve been feeling this way lately too and maybe take some space to journal/ express what shadow parts of yourself you can embrace and release this week? 🌑🌕

Earlier this month, we shared that all of these classes would be dropping, in addition to a number of other new programs & features.

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