New Peloton Tread+ sales not expected to resume until 2024, likely won’t be any cheaper

On Wednesday, Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy spoke at J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference.

The session was a question and answer format, with McCarthy speaking to a number of different topics.

UpdatePeloton provided an update on the Tread+ being back for sale at end of 2023 with shipments in 2024, and an updated pricing of ~$6,000 during an earnings call.

One topic McCarthy spoke about was the return of the Tread+. For context, last week the CPSC approved a new rear guard as a fix for the Tread+, which has been under recall for 2 years.

The question around how Peloton might see Tread sales become a bigger part of the Peloton portfolio came up. McCarthy said he hoped the return of the Tread+ would naturally help with this. He said that the Tread+ seemed to be the most beloved product Peloton has, and he’s never actually been able to sell it.

He went on to mention that now that the CPSC had approved the rear guard fix, there would be excitement around the new sales of the Tread+, which he was hopeful could happen in the fall.

We double checked for clarification, but a Peloton spokesman told us not to expect new sales to begin until 2024, rather than the fall.

McCarthy spoke about how they couldn’t just turn a switch and start selling the Tread+ again, as they haven’t manufactured any in the past two years, so they have to get production lines up and running again.

He also spoke about how now that Peloton is relying on third party installers for everything, they would need to do additional training to get them up to speed on installing new Tread+.

Finally, McCarthy was specifically asked if he saw any chance the Tread+ could come back to the marketplace for a cheaper price than it had been before the recall started. For context, in the US, the Tread+ cost $4,295 before it was recalled.

His answer to this was a simple “No”

He did go on to expand on his response, stating that although the costs of shipping items from Taiwan to the US have fallen over the last 2 years, the price of everything else has gone up. In addition, it’s not an item where Peloton is seeing dramatically increased volume of shipments, where they can use that experience to lower the average cost per unit. All of that, combined with the inflation that is happening, means it is likely to not cost less.

He was not asked, and did not make an opinion on, whether it might cost more than it did when it was last available for sale either.

If you are wondering whether you should buy the lower cost Peloton Tread, or wait for the return of the Peloton Tread+, we have an in depth comparison of the Tread and Tread+ here showing all the differences.

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