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Top Peloton Classes of 2019 – According to the Coaches

2019 has been quite the year for Peloton, with several new instructors being added to the team, the expansion into Germany, a new studio almost complete, and much more. With this growth, Peloton has been producing more classes than ever before! 2020 should see even more classes than 2019, as Peloton is expected to be adding rowing classes to the schedule too!

It seems appropriate that the Peloton coaches are sharing their favorite classes of 2019 – it’s a fun look to see which of their many workouts each instructor preferred. The reasons for each are varied – some instructors felt their pick was a great one for beginners, others felt connected to the music of that playlist, and others related to their favorite class on a personal level. Whatever the reason, this list of the top Peloton classes of 2019 (for bike, tread, yoga, and meditation) can now serve as a handy resource for new members who are just joining the Peloton family. There are plenty of beginner classes in the library, but once you get past those, this list can be a good reference of what class to try for a new instructor they’ve been wondering about!

You can click on any workout below to be taken to the class on Peloton’s site, where you can then bookmark it for easy reference (Peloton login required).

List of Best Peloton Cycling Classes of 2019

List of Best Peloton Tread/Running Classes of 2019

List of Best Peloton Yoga Classes of 2019

List of Best Peloton Meditation Classes of 2019

We know that everyone prefers different classes for various reasons, but what classes would be on your Best of 2019 List for Peloton? Let us know in the comments!

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