Matt Wilpers Recommends What Shoes To Wear With The Peloton Row (Or Any Rower)

In a recent Instagram AMA (“ask me anything”), Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers, one of five Peloton rowing instructors, passed along some helpful shoe guidance when it comes to rowing shoes—presumably a question he is asked often.

The specific question he was asked was “Any recommendations for rowing sneakers or specific type of soul?”

Matt goes on to explain that, on an actual crew boat, rowers simply wear socks when they get on board. The crew boats have shoes built in, which ensures a nice connection and “energy transfer between your body and the boat.”

He then explains the best way to mimic that crucial body-boat connection on an indoor rowing machine is to wear a thin-soled shoe. Matt notes that he loves strength shoes, and he specifically recommends Nike Metcons shoes for using with a Peloton Row (or any rower). Note that this did not appear to be a sponsored post.

Matt went on to note that they provide him with a “good, solid connection to the erg machine.” As an added bonus, “they look great!”

(Several members have agreed with Matt, saying they like the Nike Metcons, while others have recommended No Bulls Trainer or No Bulls Trainer+ shoes for rowing classes as well).

You can see his full explanation in the video below:

Currently, the Peloton apparel website does not sell rowing-specific shoes, though considering they sell two types of cycling shoes (plus a variety of socks), perhaps this is something that could be available down the line. Previously, the Peloton apparel site also sold running sneakers, though those are no longer available (they appear on third-party/re-sell sites, however).

What shoes do you use to row in?

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