Report: Peloton refunding and price matching Amazon Prime Early Access Sale prices for some recent purchases & new sales (YMMV)

If you have made a recent purchase from Peloton, and have now seen the discounts Peloton is offering through Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, you may want to reach out to Peloton’s customer support to request a price match refund or store credit.

We have received reports (and this is definitely a your mileage may vary situation) from people that have made recent Peloton purchases through Peloton directly who were successfully able to get either Peloton credit, or a refund back for the price difference between what they originally paid, and the price at which their item is on sale during the Prime Early Access Sale. This is applicable to items purchased in the last 30 days – as most items have a 30 day return window / home trial period.

If you made your purchase over the last month from Amazon, this price match wouldn’t apply to you – it’s Peloton who is doing the matching, so they can only price match for people who ordered directly through Peloton.

The refunds and Peloton credit would only be offered for purchases that are currently on sale for Prime Early Access, which does not include the Peloton Tread but does include the Bike, Guide, heart rate band, shoes, some weights, and a few other accessories.

If you prefer to buy your Peloton products in a showroom, where your local team would earn a commission – you will not be offered the Prime Early Access prices, however, if you reach out to customer support immediately after buying, you may also get a price match, whole or partial, or store credit to match the Amazon sales – but we’re hearing you would have to make the initial purchase at full price.

If you hope to take advantage of price-matching refunds or credit, keep in mind that Peloton has changed course in the middle of honoring deals before. In August we reported that Peloton would allow current members a week to order the Tread at the lower price of $2,695, but within days they went back on that and stuck firm with all purchases being made at the new $3,495 price. In May, when Peloton discounted the Guide for Mother’s Day, they did allow members that had purchased the Guide within 30 days to receive a price match, often sending them the heart rate band and workout mat that were part of the upgraded Guide Power package.

Discounts, price matches, and store credit are often done on a case by case basis, so as always – your mileage may vary. Good luck!

If you missed it, you can find all of the Peloton items that are discounted 15-25% on Amazon here.

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Tatiana Sokolik
Tatiana Sokolik is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Bike and Tread in 2020 and has been smitten with Peloton ever since.

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