Peloton’s Women’s History Month 2020 Celebration & Classes

Peloton will be curating a wide variety of special classes for Women’s History Month, taking place during March 2020. Highlights for the special classes include two special Two For One classes with multiple instructors, five different Artist Series workouts, and twenty five other dedicated Women’s History Month rides, runs, yoga flows, bootcamps, or strength workouts. This follow’s February’s Black History Month celebration that saw 20+ special workouts. You can find the full list of Peloton’s Women History Month workouts for 2020 below, or on the announcement post on Peloton’s site.

Additionally, Peloton has published a special 2020 Women’s History Month Playlist on Spotify, containing a hand-picked playlist of more than 150 female artists for you to check out. You can bet some of those same songs will be making appearances during some of the Women’s History Month workouts this month.

Women’s History Month 2020 Two For One Workouts

  • 3/8/20 @ 9:30AM ET – 45 Minute Two For One Yoga Flow: Women’s History Month WHM Yoga Flow – Aditi Shah & Anna Greenberg
  • 3/17/20 @ 7:00AM ET – 45 Minute Two For One Ride: Women’s History Month WHM Ride – Leanne Hainsby & Hannah Frankson

Women’s History Month 2020 Artist Series Workouts

  • 3/12/20 @ 8:30PM ET – Ride w/ Olivia Amato
  • 3/13/20 @ 6:30PM ET – Ride w/ Robin Arzon
  • 3/26/20 @ 6:00PM ET – Yoga Flow w/ Kristin McGee
  • 3/26/20 @ 9:00PM ET – Ride w/ Robin Arzon
  • 3/28/20 @ 9:00AM ET – Run w/ Selena Samuela

Full Women’s History Month 2020 Workout Schedule


Tuesday, March 3

Denis Morton 20 min WHM Ride, 10:30 AM

Wednesday, March 4

Matt Wilpers 30 min WHM Ride, 11:30 AM

Thursday, March 5

Emma Lovewell 30 min WHM Ride, 9:30 AM

Hannah Marie Corbin

45 min WHM Ride, 7:30 PM

Friday March 6

Tunde Oyeneyin 30 min WHM Ride, 10:30 AM

Saturday March 7

Alex Toussaint 30 min WHM Ride, 4:30 PM

Hannah Marie Corbin 30 min WHM Ride, 6:00 PM

Sunday March 8

Ally Love 45 min WHM Ride, 11:45 AM

Christine D’Ercole 60 min WHM Ride, 12:45 PM

Monday March 9

Kendall Toole 45 min WHM Ride, 7:00 AM

Olivia Amato 30 min WHM Ride, 11:30 AM

Tuesday March 10

Jess King 30 min WHM Ride, 12:30 PM

Wednesday March 11

Jenn Sherman 30 min WHM Ride, 10:30 AM

Thursday March 12

Olivia Amato WHM Artist Series Ride, 8:30 PM

Friday March 13

Robin Arzon 45 min WHM Artist Series Ride, 6:30 PM

Monday March 16

Irene Scholz WHM Ride available on-demand

Tuesday March 17

Two for One: WHM Ride Leanne Hainsby & Hannah Frankson, 7:00 AM

Thursday March 26

Robin Arzon WHM Artist Series Ride, 9:00 PM


Wednesday March 4

Rebecca Kennedy 30 min WHM Full Body Strength, 7:00 AM

Thursday March 5

Olivia Amato 45 min WHM Run, 5:30 PM

Friday March 6

Andy Speer 30 min WHM Run, 12:00 PM

Saturday March 7

Becs Gentry 45 min WHM Run, 8:30 AM

Sunday March 8

Rebecca Kennedy 45 min WHM Run, 9:30 AM

Monday March 9

Jess Sims 45 min WHM Bootcamp, 8:00 AM

Wednesday March 11

Chase Tucker 45 min WHM Bootcamp, 5:30 PM

Friday March 13

Matty Maggiacomo 30 min WHM Run, 8:00 AM

Saturday March 28

Selena Samuela 45 min WHM Artist Series Run, 9:00 AM


Monday, March 2

Kristin McGee 30 min WHM Yoga Flow, 7:30 PM

Saturday March 7

Ross Rayburn 45 min WHM Yoga Flow, 10:45 AM

Sunday March 8

Two for One: WHM Yoga Flow Aditi Shah & Anna Greenberg 45 min, 9:30 AM

Tuesday March 10

Denis Morton 30 min WHM Yoga Flow, 6:00 PM

Thursday March 26

Kristin McGee 30 min WHM Artist Series Flow, 6:00 PM

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