Peloton’s Total Strength 2 Program with Andy Speer Updated – New Warm Ups & Stretching Classes Added + Badges Changed

Peloton quietly made some changes to the new Total Strength 2 With Andy Speer program last week.

The biggest change is that Peloton has added some more variety to the program. Previously, members would end up taking the same exact warmup class 22 times during the course of the program, and the same stretch 22 times.

The Total Strength 2 training program has now been updated and there are 5 new Warm Up classes sprinkled throughout the program. There is also one extra stretch added. Note that the program is the same number of days & classes as before – Peloton has simply swapped out some of the previous warm up & stretching classes for new ones to cut down on the repetition.

In addition to the new warm up and stretching classes that were replaced, Peloton also slightly modified the number of classes you need to complete from the program to earn specific badges. The bronze badge has not changed, and is still earned at 34 classes. To earn the silver badge, you now need to take 48 classes, whereas before it was 51. For the Gold badge, you now need to take 55 classes, instead of the original 61.

Below, we’ll go through what exactly was changed and swapped out in the program. Note that if you are taking the program through the Bike, Tread, App, or website – it’s updated there and will automatically prompt you to take the new classes – you don’t have to do anything. The following explanation is just for those who are curious, or those who prefer to take the classes at their own speed without doing the program. Our page detailing the full Total Strength 2 program and full list of classes has been updated with all of these changes as well.

Also, the only changes that were made were swaps to the warm up & stretching classes. The “main” classes for each day, as well as the strength tests, remain unchanged.

For the daily stretches, originally members would be scheduled to take this same exact stretch 22 times. Peloton has now swapped in this new stretch, which you’ll take 8 times. (This means you are now only taking the original stretch 14 times).

Specifically, the new stretch has been put in place during Day 1 & Day 3 of both Week 1 and 2. It was also swapped into place for Day 2 of Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The daily warm up classes have even more uniqueness added to it. Whereas only 1 new stretch was added to the program, there were 5 new Warm Up classes added to the rotation. Again, originally you took the same Warm Up 22 times throughout the program.

The program still kicks off with this same original Warm Up Class for Week 1 Day 1. However, Day 3 and Day 5 of Week 1 have a brand new warm up class you take those two days.

Week 1 is the only week where you have different warm up classes within that week. The rest of the weeks have you take the same stretch every day that week.

For Week 2, there are again 3 warm up classes – all of which are this brand new warm up.

Week 3 has 4 days worth of warm up classes. However, for this week, you’re actually taking the original warm up class from the original program (and the same one you took for Week 1 Day 1).

Week 4 of the program also has 4 days worth of warm up classes. This new warm up is repeated each of the 4 days.

For Week 5, you’ll find yourself taking this new warm up 4 times during the course of the week.

And finally, for the final week of the program, you will take another new warm up 4 times to wrap up the program.

If you would just like to see the full list of classes, in order, for the Total Strength 2 with Andy Speer program, you can see them here.

Are you excited to see a little more variety in the program?

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