Peloton’s Black Friday 2020 Sales & Discounts – Estimated Dates & What To Expect

Update As of October 29th, Peloton is sharing on social media they don’t plan to have a Black Friday sale on the Bike, Bike+, or Tread this year. However, an apparel sale is still possible.

November is right around the corner, and now that Amazon Prime Day is over, people are starting to think about Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals. If you’re wondering what Peloton’s 2020 Black Friday deals might be – you might be disappointed. For the last 5 years in a row, Peloton’s Black Friday deal has been (mostly) the exact same – free accessories packages. Unfortunately, 2020 will be a year of change! You can see a history of Peloton’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for every year here.

Though historically the sale has been for free accessories packages, Peloton will not offer that this year. Through social media Peloton has stated that they won’t offer any deals to go with the Bike, Bike+, or Tread. However, it’s still possible that we’ll see a Peloton Apparel Store Black Friday Sale for “up to” 50% off all apparel. Peloton added that to their Black Friday deals last year, so there’s a good chance that might return too.

So when will Peloton’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday apparel sale take place, if it returns? This year we would expect it to begin on Monday, November 16th, and run through Tuesday, December 1st @ 3:00am ET [Cyber Monday is Monday, November 30th]. This is based on the timing and length of previous year’s sales – however, given this is the first year Peloton isn’t offering the accessories package, and we only have one year of data for the apparel sale (if it returns), this is subject to change!

Peloton historically does not run promotions and discounts. Members of the military are able to get a free accessories package with the purchase of a new Bike or Tread, and this year, Peloton offered a special first responders / healthcare discount. For other members, the only other discount is the referral program, where both you and the member who referred you get a $100 Peloton apparel voucher. The referral discount has not been stackable with the Black Friday / Cyber Mondays deals in years past unfortunately.

As always, once we hear the final details, we’ll be sure to let everyone know – both with a new post as well as on the main master Peloton Cyber Monday & Black Friday sales & deals list.

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