Report: Peloton Tread+ “Just Run” mode will now work without a subscription again with Tread Lock update

As a result of an ongoing safety recall, Peloton rolled out a mandatory safety feature for Peloton Tread+ owners called the Tread Lock in May. This disables the Treadmill and requires a passcode be entered after 45 seconds of inactivity. However, in June it was reported that this had the unfortunate side effect of bricking anyone’s Treadmill who didn’t have an active subscription – as the Tread Lock feature required the subscription to work.

Peloton’s work around at the time was to grant all Tread+ owners a free 3 months of ownership. They also stated that they would be working on software updates to make the Tread Lock feature work without an active subscription.

Now, The Verge is reporting that a new update has rolled out that will allow the Peloton Tread+ to work without a subscription again in Just Run mode.

From The Verge’s Report:

On Wednesday, the company told The Verge that “all Tread owners can now access Tread Lock” along with the “Just Run” feature.

It’s not known how many Tread+ owners there are without active subscriptions, however, this will be welcome news to them.

In addition, Peloton this week began emailing Tread owners letting them know that their 3 month free subscription was up. This was sent in the context of “An Update on the Tread+ Recall”. The relevant portion of the email stated:

We previously provided all Tread+ Members with a three-month waiver of their All-Access Membership, as a one-time courtesy. We would like to remind you that the three-month period is almost up.

We will continue to provide updates on when the Tread & Tread+ might be available again as more information becomes available.

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