The Little Mermaid Peloton Classes (From Disney) & Workouts

Peloton has officially announced their Little Mermaid series, which is being executed in collaboration with Disney. Peloton shared the news via Instagram in the “This Week at Peloton” highlights post.

@PelotonStudios This Week at Peloton Instagram post.
@PelotonStudios This Week at Peloton Instagram post.

The series actually began on May 27, and includes eight classes across at least five modalities. Classes will run all the way until June 13. You can find the complete class list below, but note that Peloton has not yet shared the details for the on-demand classes with Jess Sims and Kristin McGee:

The Little Mermaid Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts

  • 30 min. Peloton The Little Mermaid Ride – Benny Adami [German] – 5/27/23 @ 3:30am ET
  • 30 min. Peloton The Little Mermaid Walk – Jess King – 6/5/23 @ 9:00am ET
  • 20 min. Peloton The Little Mermaid Upper Body – Robin Arzón – 6/6/23 @ 9:00am ET
  • 30 min. Peloton The Little Mermaid Yoga Flow – Aditi Shah – 6/7/23 @ 12:00pm ET
  • TBD Peloton The Little Mermaid Class – Jess Sims – 6/8/23 @ 9:00am ET [On Demand]
  • TBD Peloton The Little Mermaid Class – Kristin McGee – 6/8/23 @ 9:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 30 min. The Little Mermaid Ride – Tunde Oyeneyin – 6/8/23 @ 5:30pm ET
  • 20 min. The Little Mermaid Run – Jeffrey McEachern [German] – 6/13/23 @ 12:35pm ET
Jess King's The Little Mermaid Walk.
Jess King’s The Little Mermaid Walk.

So far the classes have included only songs from the new movie rather than the original. We first reported this series was on the way a couple of weeks ago, when Peloton added new artist series classes throughout the month of June to the studio booking site. Members can also expect artist series for Ava Max and Lil Kim later this month.

However, note that as of publishing time this does not appear to fall under the official artist series umbrella, as a badge is not awarded to those who take the classes. If you’re looking to collect other badges, you can reference a full breakdown of available badges via our guide.

If you’re a big Disney fan, note that we also have a complete list of Peloton Disney classes on our site.

Will you be taking any of Peloton’s Little Mermaid classes, and would you like to see more Disney collaborations in the future?

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