Peloton testing new “Skip Intro” button for classes

Update – This feature is confirmed to be coming to the Bike & Tread as well. See this article for details.

A common Peloton feature wish of many users is a setting or way to skip the minute intro that appears before each Peloton class. Today, Peloton is going to make a lot of people happy. On the Peloton website, and possibly for some iOS users, Peloton has begun testing the addition of a new “Skip Intro” button. The below video shows this in action through a class taken on the Peloton website:

The button appears in the top left of the screen, next to the countdown time. It appears as soon as the class starts. If you choose to click the “Skip Intro” button, the class jumps to the last 3 seconds of the intro and then the regular class begins.

After the first 5 seconds or so of the intro the button hides itself. However, if you move your mouse, the “Skip Intro” button reappears. You are able to click it at any point of the intro before the last 3 seconds.

Image of the new Skip Intro button in the top left of the screen.

This feature will particularly be useful for those who like to do multiple workouts back to back – or for someone who might be repeating a workout they have done previously. Once this rolls out globally, perhaps Peloton will work on allowing users to pick and automatically play workouts back to back in a row?

At this point the feature appears to be available for users taking the class via the Peloton website, and possibly a small subset of iOS app users. It does not appear to be in testing for the Bike or Tread yet. Android availability is also unlikely, like most other features.

Will you still watch the intros, or will you make use of the new button?

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