Peloton Scheduling Feature (“Your Schedule”) Now on Web; Add to Calendar Removed

The popular “Your Schedule” feature is now available to view on the web browser. While Peloton members could previously add or remove classes from their schedule on the web, they were not able to view the list of scheduled classes in one list.

Moving forward members will see two tabs when viewing the Peloton schedule via web browser: “Live & Encore” and “Your Schedule.” By navigating to the “Your Schedule” tab, members can view their scheduled on demand classes alongside any live classes they’ve opted into.

Viewing the "Your Schedule" on the web.
Viewing the “Your Schedule” on the web.

This feature has slowly been rolling out across the Bike, Tread, Android App, iOS app, and finally now on the web.

However, it appears that this newest update has also removed a feature. Previously when counting yourself into a live class on the schedule via web browser, you’d see options to add the class to your calendar through iCal, Google, Yahoo, or Outlook. Those links do not appear after the most recent update.

Previous feature allowing members to add classes to external calendars.
Previous feature allowing members to add classes to external calendars.

Instead, members will simply see a message saying “You’re In” with no options to add the class to any external calendars.

New display with no option to add class to external calendars.
New display with no option to add class to external calendars.

Member #BiotechChick shared with us that she reached out to Peloton Support about the removal of the external calendar feature, and she received this response:

We really appreciate you taking the time to pass on your feedback regarding our calendar. While we have no details to share regarding the calendar’s future, we’ll be sure to share your desire to see this feature again with our Team. Thank you for being the best part of Peloton!

Thanks to #BiotechChick for sharing this information with us and we’ll be sure to post updates if we learn any new information about the potential reinstatement of the feature.

In the meantime be sure to take advantage of the new scheduling feature on the Peloton web browser!

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • McKnightMove says:

    glad you published this; I thought I was taking crazy pills… hopefully they’ll add back the add-to-calendar feature

  • tari says:

    so so so so so so so sad about this. who wants to have to toggle back and forth between your entire life calendar and your pelo calendar, to make sure you dont have a meeting or errand or other plan of any kind …. before you book your rides, yoga, etc. OR, worse yet, manually have to copy & paste workouts from Pelo in to whichever calendar tool you use for the rest of your life. super bummed about this and hope they come to their senses and give us back the add-to-calender feature.

  • AK Rider says:

    Also sad to see this go, I relied on this to plan my workouts around my work. Double entry is a bummer.

  • Sara says:

    Thank you for publishing. At first, I thought it‘s a problem on my phone. I just addressed the topic on the German Peloton FB Page and they replied that they are working on finding what caused this issue. Hopefully, the feature will be back soon. Already tired of saving the live classes manually in my iCal :-/

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