Peloton expands to hotels in Germany with Kempinski Partnership + Peloton Hotel, Gym & AirBnB Map & List Reminder!

Over the summer, Peloton quietly teamed up with the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin to make Peloton bikes available to their guests. Rather than have a bike in the hotel gym, guests are able to have the Peloton bike brought to their room.

Today, as reported by HospitalityNet, Kempinski Hotels & Peloton are expanding this partnership and bringing it to several other hotels in Germany. Guests will soon be able to have a Peloton bike available in their rooms at the following Kempinski hotels in Germany.

Note that this is “based on availability”, and it doesn’t appear that you can confirm ahead of time a specific room with the Peloton. It appears that they will actually move the bike between rooms, so you would need to rent the room, show up, and hope for the best about availability.

The article mentions this “is Peloton’s first step to establishing internationally successful hotel partnerships also in Germany”, so look for it to come to other hotel chains in the future.

For those who aren’t aware, you can find a list & map of hotels, gyms, AirBnbs and other vacation rentals that have Pelotons available with our Peloton Travel Finder. We have it listed by country (and in the US, by state), as well as by major metropolitan cities. You can filter by lodging type (hotel, vacation rental, gym, showroom, etc), or just browse on a map. We also have a list of hotels with Peloton Treads! If you know of a location that has one we don’t have listed, just let us know. At time of publishing the new Kempinski hotels have not yet been added, but they are in the process of being added!

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