The outside of Peloton Studios in New York.

Peloton Rebooting Customer Support Team

In their most recent earnings call CEO Barry McCarthy acknowledged Peloton’s struggle with customer service (i.e. member support).

In a discussion about Peloton’s “failures” in the two years since McCarthy took the helm, he specifically mentioned member support as an area in which Peloton has much room for improvement.

McCarthy openly admitted that the Member Support experience during the 2023 holiday season in particular fell short of expectations, and this has tarnished the brand’s overall image with customers. McCarthy maintained that the company recognizes the pivotal role customer service plays in shaping the overall customer experience and has taken proactive measures to rectify the issues. According to McCarthy:

“Another area of the business which failed to meet our performance expectations was Member Support (think customer service). This past holiday season was particularly taxing for Members. The Member Support experience has tarnished our brand, and we simply must do better. The team is currently in the middle of a reboot.”

McCarthy cited “new leadership, new systems, new third-party vendors, and new staff” as the steps being taken to address Peloton’s customer service issues. This suggests that Peloton is performing a complete overhaul with their member support teams, from personnel, to partners, and everything in between.

The outside of Peloton Studios in New York.
The outside of Peloton Studios in New York.

McCarthy emphasized that he believes these changes will succeed in delivering members the customer support they have long been asking for. McCarthy explained:

“I’m confident we’re on the right path this time. I’m confident in the new leadership, and I’m confident that in the next few months our Members will be receiving the level of service they deserve and expect and that we can be proud of.”

As the Peloton works on growing and expanding, the revitalized Member Support teams undoubtedly play a crucial role in ensuring a positive and seamless experience for customers.

We’re sharing all the news from Peloton’s most recent earnings call. You can also read more about offline mode for Just Work Out, and new product teases

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  • Cat says:

    Well they laid off a majority of the member-support staff in late summer because they’re forcing people to work on-site in Plano, TX (most being remote staff scattered across the US), then the member support will be non-existent. Failed to mention the true reason why it was weak and didn’t meet expectations.

    Also, if they did move to TX their pay was going to be reduced because the cost of living is lower there. But at least if you were laid off they gave a year subscription of peloton for free.

  • Somewhere says:

    After COVID there was two US call centers one in Plano and one in Phoenix area. There were 2,200 direct employees plus foreign contractors. By May there were only 250 direct service employees the rest had been laid off. Then they laid off another 150. Then they did a return to office mandate. When it was all said and done there were only 35 direct service employees left working for the company. So naturally they revamped their foreign cheap service companies. Rushing people who had no idea what they were doing into working. But now they have hired around 200 direct employees and promised to move all contract service personnel to be US-based. Somebody at some point had zero respect for service. But I think they learn their lesson that their products are too complex for cheap untrained foreign service personnel.

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