Jess King & Sophia Urista are pregnant with second child on the way

Peloton instructor Jess King is growing her family! Jess and her wife Sophia Urista announced via Instagram that they are expecting their second child in summer 2023. Sophia shared:

This is why I haven’t been on this silly app lately. 😜 And then there were FOUR. 🤰 Jess and I are so excited to announce we are expecting another addition to our family, our baby girl, blessing us this summer. 🤍
Thank you @alanis for writing a song that perfectly captures our hearts.

Sophia Urista & Jess King pregnancy announcement.
Sophia Urista & Jess King pregnancy announcement.

Sophia is currently pregnant with a girl and is due this summer. The post includes a video montage of moments from her pregnancy thus far.

Jess and Sophia welcomed their first child, Lucien “Luz” Urista King, at the end of 2022. Jess first announced her pregnancy during a live Peloton ride last May, and she will be on maternity leave for a few more months.

Jess and Sophia also recently revealed that they got married back in 2021.

Congratulations to Jess and Sophia on their expanding family!

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