iFit Complaint with U.S. International Trade Commission

iFit Files Complaint with U.S. International Trade Commission Seeking to Block Import of Peloton’s Bike+

The legal battles between Peloton and iFit Health & Fitness Inc. – the manufacturer of NordicTrack – continue.

This week iFit filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, asking them to block the import of Peloton’s Bike+ devices. The complaint alleges that the Bike+ infringes upon an iFit patent that applies to an interactive exercise bike. iFit also named Rexon Industrial Corp and Tonic Fitness Technology Inc., both Taiwanese manufacturers of Peloton Bikes, in the complaint.

IFit first filed a lawsuit in April of 2021 regarding this issue. They claim that the combination of the Bike+ Auto-Follow feature, which allows members to opt into having their resistance adjusted to the instructor’s call-outs during on-demand rides, plus the weight rack and Bike+ user interface, all come together to violate iFit’s patent that was issued in December of 2020.

However, just last week a judge ruled that Peloton was not “willfully infringing” upon iFit’s patent. Yet this has not stopped the case from proceeding.

This is just one of numerous open lawsuits between Peloton and iFit, with complaints brought forth by both companies.

Last week we reported that two of Peloton’s patents had been voided by the US Patent & Trademark Office Patent Trial & Appeal Board, which resulted from a legal dispute between Peloton and competitor Echelon.

This was first reported by Bloomberg.

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