Mayla Wedekind & Assal Arian Teaching Peloton German Prenatal & Postnatal Classes + Collection with Dubbed Classes

Peloton has released the first prenatal and postnatal classes in German with instructors Assal Arian and Mayla Wedekind. The two instructors shared the news via Instagram, with a post roughly translating to:

​​Pre & Post Natal courses now also in German! @onepeloton for time during pregnancy and afterwards 🤰👶

Mayla & Assal's Instagram post about German pre- and post-natal classes.
Mayla & Assal’s Instagram post about German pre- and post-natal classes.

Six new classes are available, marking the first time Peloton has offered prenatal and postnatal classes in German. There are four classes with Mayla on the bike – two rides and two stretches – and two classes with Assal on the strength mat, both postnatal core strength classes.

Pre- & post-natal classes with Assal Arian and Mayla Wedekind.
Pre- & postnatal classes with Assal Arian and Mayla Wedekind.

As part of this launch Peloton has also unveiled a dedicated collection for German natal content. In addition to the classes with Mayla and Assal, there are 12 dubbed classes with Robin Arzón and Anna Greenberg.

The collection is called “Pre & Postnatal (DE)” and the official description reads:

This collection for pregnant women and new mothers combines workouts on the bike with exercises and stretches on the mat. For more energy and healthy self-confidence during this physically challenging time.

Pre- and Post-Natal Collection in German
Pre- and Postnatal Collection in German

The dubbed content includes yoga flows with Anna, and strength content with Robin. Peloton could potentially add more dubbed classes, as Peloton has a many prenatal & postnatal classes with additional instructors such as Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Kristin McGee, and Emma Lovewell. You can find a complete list of Peloton prenatal classes here, and a complete list of postnatal Peloton classes here.

Dubbed pre- and postnatal classes with Anna Greenberg and Robin Arzón.
Dubbed pre- and postnatal classes with Anna Greenberg and Robin Arzón.

We previously shared that Peloton was working on new dubbed content, after a new section on a support page explicitly mentioned that more dubbed content would be arriving in late November. As part of that, Peloton released a collection of dubbed shadowboxing classes.

In addition, Peloton has added more true German language content as well, with the addition of Mila Laza teaching pilates, and Marcel Maurer teaching Tread Bootcamps – with dubbed additions as well for both of those.

You can access the new Pre & Postnatal (DE) collection via your app, hardware device, or web browser.

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