New Book from Peloton coach Robin Arzon: “Strong Mama”

Peloton instructor Robin Arzon has been away from the Peloton studios on maternity leave – her baby Athena Amelia was born this spring, as she revealed to People.

Before her maternity leave started, Robin launched a new series of prenatal classes for Peloton. She also recorded a mini-docuseries for Peloton titled “Strong as a Mother”, which is available on YouTube.

She has continued to stay busy during maternity leave as well. A few weeks ago it was revealed that Robin would be teaching an upcoming Masterclass on the topic of Mental Strength.

Now, it looks like Robin will also be publishing a new book – called “Strong Mama”. The short storybook is said to be a celebration of mothers & parents everywhere. According to the publishers page, “Strong Mama” will be 32 pages long and be released on January 11th 2022.

Before I met you, I dreamed of you. This is the story of how we first met.

Ultramarathons. Bike sprints. Squats and deadlifts. Naps. Kitchen dance parties! All of it is in preparation for meeting Pequeno, the “Little One” growing in this strong mama’s belly. From first heartbeats and fluttery kicks to grinning grandparents and that first loud cry — pregnancy might just be the biggest workout yet! But there’s nothing this mom and new baby can’t tackle together as a team.

New York Times bestselling author and Peloton Head Instructor Robin Arzón takes readers on sweat-packed journey through motherhood in this affirming and heartwarming celebration of mothers and parents everywhere.

Robin shared some background on the book when she announced it via Instagram:

I wrote it while pregnant with Athena. 🥰 It’s my love letter to her, my little training partner, about the journey we took on together as a team – growing her in my belly and preparing for the most epic endurance event ever – childbirth!

I think it’s so important to show kids from a young age that movement is medicine, self-care is not selfish, and endorphins are its’ own form of magic. 💫

Robin previously published the book “Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger”, which came out in 2016.

It is expected when Robin returns (which in a recent interview talked about a “summer return”) that she will record a series of postnatal classes as well.

You can pre-order her new “Strong Mama” book on Amazon – it is available both in hardback & Kindle editions currently. Note that the above links are affiliate links – if you buy through our link you pay the same price but help support our site.

Book cover for “Strong Mama”

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