Peloton Broadway Rides, Disney Rides and other themed Peloton Workouts

Peloton Broadway Rides, Disney Rides, Broadway Series, and other themed Peloton Workout

A complete list of these special Peloton rides, runs, yoga flows, and other workouts.

Peloton will periodically have speciality themed workouts around a certain theme. These have included Broadway musical workouts, Disney themed Peloton rides, workouts entirely featuring the music of a soundtrack, and more. You can keep up with a running list below!

In October 2020, Peloton announced a new “Broadway Series”. We’ll add those to this section, sorted by musical, and keep a running list of generic Broadway classes in the next section below, that are Broadway themed but not part of the official Broadway Series.

Peloton “Broadway Series” Classes

Peloton Hamilton Classes

This is the list of other Broadway Peloton classes that are not part of the official Broadway Series.

Broadway Peloton Workouts

Disney Peloton Workouts

Movie Soundtrack Peloton Workouts

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