Peloton The Doors Scenic Ride

The Doors Peloton Classes (Scenic Ride & Run) – Featured Artist Series

Peloton has released a new artist series featuring the music of The Doors. Peloton made the announcement on Instagram this morning:

When the great outdoors meets @thedoors, magic happens. We’ve curated a special playlist for our Santa Monica Scenic Ride & Run to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their timeless album, L.A. Woman. Immerse yourself in sunny SoCal and turn the volume up ☝️☀️

The series contains just two classes: a scenic ride and a scenic run, both set in Santa Monica, California.

The Doors Peloton Featured Artist Series Classes & Workouts

15 min Santa Monica Scenic Ride Ft. The Doors
15 min Santa Monica Scenic Run Ft. The Doors

Peloton The Doors Scenic Ride
Peloton The Doors Scenic Ride

Note that these are not new classes – but they do have a fresh playlist containing music from The Doors. However, members will still receive an artist series badge upon taking the classes.

Because these are scenic classes, there are no instructors for the artist series. In addition, scenic content is only available to members who own a Bike or Tread and is not accessible to Peloton App members. Peloton made this change last year as part of their scenic content relaunch.

Though you won’t be able to start the classes on the App or web browser, you can still view the complete list of scenic rides and runs using our guide.

As always, you can view all previous featured artist series on our complete list.

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