Rumor: Peloton To Announce AI (Artificial Intelligence) Coaching & Instructors

Move over ChatGPT – we’ve received reports that Peloton will soon announce the arrival of AI (artificial intelligence) coaching & instructors!

This means that within the near future, the instructor in front of you on your phone, tablet, Bike, Tread, Guide, or Row could be a construction of artificial intelligence – in other words, not a real person. They will still look, talk, and move like a live human, but they will essentially be a computer.

It may sound crazy at first – but this is already being done in the news media industry.

This will allow the current roster of Peloton instructors to take on more work outside of Peloton. For example, while Cody Rigsby is running for president, Peloton can install the AI version of him so that members won’t miss his classes. There will no longer be a need for long absences for book tours, recording TV shows, or Burning Man pilgrimages. When the instructor can’t physically teach from Peloton Studios, their AI counterpart will be ready to go.

This also means that Peloton will not hire any new human instructors moving forward. All new coaches introduced to the platform will be AI creations, complete with their own personalities, looks, and inspirational taglines.

We’ve also received reports that there is a beta test version of the feature called “affirmations.” Members can input which affirmations they want to hear – such as “you can do hard things” or “straighten your crown” – and Peloton will generate a coach to provide those affirmations.

Lastly, we’ve heard that in addition to being coded to follow the three laws of robotics (a robot may not cause injury, must obey orders, and must protect its own existence), Peloton programmers are adding a fourth law to the programming of these AI entities, and it is perhaps the most crucial. The robot cannot bring about any lawsuits.

A Peloton spokesperson – though unable to explicitly confirm these details – shared the following statement:

We have always said that Peloton is a technology company first and foremost, and we have been upfront about our shift from focusing on hardware to software. There is nothing more indicative of where the future of technology is headed than artificial intelligence. Peloton was at the forefront of the in-home immersive fitness experience, and we will be at the forefront of the AI fitness experience as well.

We will continue to share details regarding Peloton’s AI coaching development as they become available.

Oh, and by the way – Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Katie Weicher
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