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Robin Arzon & Peloton Featured on Steve Harvey’s Facebook Show “Steve on Watch”

On a recent episode of Steve Harvey’s new Facebook TV show, “Steve on Watch”, Steve interviewed Peloton coach (and VP of fitness programming) Robin Arzon. Robin is also a best selling author of Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger. Most of the discussion in the interview focuses on Robin’s backstory and how she transitioned from being a corporate lawyer to being a fitness coach at a New York City startup (Peloton). The impetus for the transition for Robin came from her having a traumatic experience, and she turned to fitness to help her recover and move on from that experience (in the interview, and book, she goes into more details about that experience).

Steve raises the question of how does the everyday person, who might not have had a traumatic experience, use that in their life. Robin’s answer is simple: “Purpose is oxygen”. Purpose doesn’t have to be a massive victory, and it’s OK to celebrate the tiny wins. Celebrate things like “Ok, I walked around the block today”, or “Ok, I’ve been good about drinking more water”. Robin states that she knows the average person can turn into a superhero, as she sees it everyday through her work at Peloton.

Robin and Steve then talk a little bit about Robin’s book, Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger. She had two goals in writing the book. The first was to simplify the process of running. Really tried to boil it down to being as simple as just picking up your shoes and heading out the door. The other goal was to provide practical advice, including training advice and plans.

Finally, Steve asks how Robin actually got her job at Peloton. Robin replies that she had read an article about Peloton founder CEO, John Foley, and decided to email him out of the blue. She believed in Peloton’s goals, and felt their visions aligned. Three days later after that email, she had a new job at Peloton!

After the interview, Robin did a mini 1 on 1 coaching session for Steve. She led Steve through a climb, then some interval pushes. Steve had some…… choice words for Robin. It’s worth a watch just to see his reactions and thoughts to some of the call-outs!

Following their workout, Steve reveals that he is going to buy two bikes. One is going home with Steve for him and his wife. The other bike is given away to a member of the studio audience. He does note that’s one way he differs from Oprah, however:

Oprah gives away cars. Steve buys one bike. “You get a week, and you get a week, and you get a week”

You can watch the full interview and workout below.

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