Peloton iOS app adds feature for sharing to Instagram Stories – Demo & Tutorial

Update – This feature was added to Android in November as well.

If any iOS users were feeling left out after yesterday’s Peloton Android app update, you are in luck today. This morning, Peloton announced on their blog the newest Peloton Digital iOS feature – the ability to share to your Instagram stories.

There are 3 different items that you are able to share to your Instagram stories: completed workouts, upcoming workouts, and tags. We’ve created a quick demo showing you how the process works, and what the finished story looks like – it actually is a video clip of the instructor! You can find it embedded below or here on YouTube.

The completed workout share will include an video of the instructor, the class name, and your output, pace, calories, and miles completed.

Image Source: Peloton Blog

Upcoming classes include the instructors name, class name, and date of the class – but apparently not the exact time of the class.

Image Source: Peloton Blog

Shares of a tag will include the tag name.

Image Source: Peloton Blog

Any of these images can have words/gifs, and other items added through the normal stories interface, like you can with any image or video you would add to your stories. You aren’t able to change the image of the instructor that is chosen for that class unfortunately.

Like a lot of other features, this feature is only available on iOS – Android users, Fire TV, Roku, and web users are out of luck. While this in theory could eventually be added to Android, don’t expect to see it added to the Bike or Tread, as it requires the Instagram app to also be installed.

For full directions on how to find the new share button, check out Peloton’s blog.

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  • Kellie Hollister says:

    I’ve noticed my upload (via iOS) is always a black background but other users have red for the Holiday or even fallish color during the gratitudes rides. Is this because different options for iOS vs Android?

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