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Peloton adds resistance bands workouts to library, new class type in Filter

It’s been a busy morning for Peloton. In addition to starting sales of the new Bike+, Peloton also officially launched new resistance bands classes, within the strength section. As part of Peloton’s trade-in program for members upgrading from the Bike to Bike+, people are also getting a free “Yoga & Toning accessories package”, which includes resistance bands in it – so a lot of members are likely to find themselves with resistance bands soon.

Now there are 9 classes available to begin with in the on-demand library, initially taught by Andy Speer and Hannah Marie Corbin. The following is a list of the currently available resistance bands classes, at time of publishing. You can also just use this link, which takes you directly to the Resistance Bands Strength workouts.

The first 9 resistance bands classes available.

Peloton’s Strength Resistance Bands Workouts

To make these easier to find, Peloton has also created a new class type filter for Resistance Bands. Simply open the filter, choose class type, and you can now pick “Resistance Bands” to see all of these classes, and whatever new ones are added in the future.

The new “Resistance Bands” class type filter in Strength.
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  • Ashley says:

    Do you know the weights of the Peloton light, medium and heavy resistance bands? I ordered a set off Amazon but want to know what weight each of their bands is so I can pick the appropriate one for my workout.

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