Peloton Rolls Out Updated User Interface on the Bike and Tread & New Feedback Options

This week, many Peloton members have discovered that the display during classes on their bikes and treads has been updated – as well as having extra feedback options. While this seems to be rolling out to many users over the course of this week, not all members have it yet, but they should expect to have the updated interface soon.

The new interface moves the Speed and Distance displays to the left of the Cadence meter, and the Total Output and Calories displays to the right of the Resistance meter.

New Bike Interface – Bradley Rose’s 10/06/21 Class
New Bike Interface – Bradley Rose’s 10/06/21 Class

(For any power zone riders out there, the new user interface does still have a power zone bar, in the same place as it was before, just in our examples, the person with the new interface did not have it enabled for their profile).

Prior to this new interface the Speed, Distance, Total Output, and Calories displays were all positioned along the bottom of the screen, centered below the Cadence, Output, and Resistance meters, as seen below:

Prior Bike Interface – Emma Lovewell’s 7/10/22 Class
Prior Bike Interface – Emma Lovewell’s 7/10/22 Class

Each of the displays can be individually hidden by tapping them, just as it was before the new display. You can also hide all of the information by tapping the down arrow located to the right of the Calories display.

The updated interface on the Tread has an identical look and functionality to the Bike.

New Tread Interface – Susie Chan’s 7/20/22 Class
New Tread Interface – Susie Chan’s 7/20/22 Class

As well as the new interface during classes, members will notice that at the end of their class there is a new feedback screen (you still have to click into the feedback section to see it, as before). This new feedback screen is similar to what members were asked before, but with the addition of a question that asks “Did you find the language explicit?”, to which members can respond “Not explicit”, “Explicit”, “Very explicit”.

(Update – We have a few reports the explicit language feedback options are part of a slightly older update – and that they just don’t appear unless you rate the playlist less than 5 stars).

New Feedback Screen
New Feedback Screen

While these features may not be live for everyone yet, they will be coming soon!

Huge thank you to #NotARedhead and #Cyclelizzz for the tip and the pictures!

What are your thoughts on the new interface and the new feedback questions? Have you noticed any other updated features?


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Tatiana Sokolik
Tatiana Sokolik is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Bike and Tread in 2020 and has been smitten with Peloton ever since.


  • tlogank says:

    So where is the power zone meter at now?

  • just_zoshin says:

    I did notice this morning when I used the TV app for a strength class that it gave me a window pop-up telling me the class had explicit music. You could accept or not but there was also a checkbox to not show the prompt again

  • ScatterPlot says:

    Nice improvement. As a PZ rider, I do think there are still loads of room for improvement for PZ rides. I’d love to see a simple device telling me if I am above or below the zone called for.

  • Emily says:

    Right in the center, where it’s always been. Odd that they couldn’t get a screenshot of it, but it’s there!

  • Matt says:

    Hmm, not sure about the explicit language question. Just because I say that the language was explicit doesn’t mean I object to it. I have no problem with there being explicit language in the classes I take and this question doesn’t give you the opportunity to make that clear.

  • Jackie says:

    With the new update, when I choose to “just ride” the screen blacks out and I have to tap it back on, and wait for it to upload my profile and click on my class and choose resume…which does not log any activity I had while the screen was blacked out….not a fan

  • Brooklynforlife says:

    Matr, I agree. The language be whatever it is. It brings flavor and helps it to be real life.

  • Ryan says:

    Access to your stack from Roku!!!!!!

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