Kygo Peloton Classes & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

The next installment of Peloton’s featured artist series was announced today featuring Kygo. Kygo is a Norwegian DJ and music producer.

Peloton made the announcement on social media, saying:

Dim the lights, pump up the sounds and get ready to party to the irresistible tropical house sounds of Kygo (@kygomusic) 🌴 Join @benjaminalldis, @charlotti_w, @marcel2coach, @hauptstadttrainer, @joslynthompsonrule, @diti22, and @adrianwilliamsnyc on the Leaderboard for this upcoming Artist Series.

The series will launch on Wednesday, January 18th and will include seven classes across four modalities. You can view the complete class list below:

Kygo Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

  • Charlotte Weidenbach – 10 min Kygo Warm-Up Ride [German] – 1/18/23 @ 7:30am ET [On-Demand]
  • Ben Alldis – 30 min Kygo Ride – 1/18/23 @ 8:30am ET
  • Adrian Williams – 15 min Kygo Row – 1/18/23 @ 10:00am ET [On-Demand]
  • Marcel Maurer – 30 min Kygo Run [German] – 1/18/23 @ 12:00pm ET
  • Erik Jager – 30 min Kygo Ride [German] – 1/18/23 @ 1:30pm ET
  • Joslyn Thompson Rule – 30 min Kygo Walk + Run – 1/18/23 @ 2:00pm ET
  • Aditi Shah – 30 min Kygo Power Yoga Flow – 1/18/23 @ 6:30pm ET

Members will receive an artist series badge for completing any of the Kygo classes. If you’re looking for additional badges, be sure to check out the complete list of available badges in our guide.

If you’re interested in past Peloton artist series, you can always find the comprehensive list on our site.

Will you be opting into the Kygo artist series?

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