Peloton Instructor Jess Sims to Serve as Sideline Reporter for New York Liberty WNBA Team

Peloton instructor Jess Sims will serve as a sideline reporter for the WNBA team The New York Liberty in the upcoming season. The Liberty shared their 2022 broadcast team in a press release:

Michael Grady, Chris Shearn and Zora Stephenson will share play-by-play duties, while Andraya Carter and Julianne Viani-Braen will rotate in the analyst role. Additionally, fitness instructor and Liberty in-arena host Jess Sims will be the sideline reporter for select games.

Jess was an in-arena co-host in the 2021 season, but she’ll also be in a television broadcast role in the 2022 season. Of course, she’ll still be on the regular schedule at Peloton, teaching strength, running, Tread Bootcamp, and Bike Bootcamp.

Image shared by the Liberty announcing Jess' sideline hosting role.
Image shared by the Liberty announcing Jess’ sideline hosting role.

Jess isn’t the only Peloton instructor who also maintains a professional sports hosting gig – Ally Love serves as the in-arena host of the NBA Brooklyn Nets. She recently took a short break from that to travel to London for filming a Netflix reality competition show.

Congratulations to Jess on her exciting new role!

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