Jess Sims launches FLASH15 fully body strength speed classes

Jess Sims has launched a new mini-series of strength classes, called the “FLASH15”. These classes are 15 minute full body workouts, with both cardio and strength. Jess says she designed them to be quick great workouts, but knows time can be limited in December so wanted a way for people to still be able to get a solid workout in.

The Flash 15 classes will take place on Fridays in December at 9:30am ET. The first one already took place, and there are two more upcoming. You can find them in the Strength section of the Peloton app and schedule.

Jess Sims Flash 15 Class List & Schedule

The structure of each class is the same: 2 minute warmup, followed by a 1 minute demo of the exercises, then a 12 minute EMOM. Wrap it all up with a 2 minute stretch at the end.

You will need some equipment. The first class requires 2 dumbbells, the second requires one, but the last class is dumbbell free.

Let us know in the comments how you liked the Flash 15 classes.

You can hear Jess tease the class in the video below, or on Instagram:

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