Jennifer Jacobs will be working with Beachbody and MYX bikes.

Former Peloton Instructor Jennifer Jacobs hired to teach cycling & other classes for Beachbody on MYX bikes

Former Peloton instructor Jennifer Jacobs is headed back to the bike. Beachbody announced today that they had hired Jennifer Jacobs to create workouts for their “BODi” platform & MYX bike.

They shared the news on Instagram, stating:

Help us give Jennifer Jacobs, Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer, A warm BEACHBODY welcome!

@JMethod is a former Senior Peloton Instructor, known for her popular indoor cycling classes and no-nonsense approach to getting results. Jennifer will create live Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi) workouts on and off the MYX bike, as well as her first full program on BOD this December.

Fun fact: Jennifer is fluent in English and French, and WILL CREATE workouts FOR BEACHBODY IN FRENCH AND English.

To provide a little context to this news – back in February, Beachbody announced that they would take the company public, and merge with Myx Fitness Holdings. Myx is the creator of the MYX bike – a Peloton competitor.

Today, it was also announced that Beachbody would be creating BODi (Beachbody on Demand Interactive) – which are live and pre-recorded classes. Combined with the MYX bike – Beachbody now has both the bike & live classes to try to compete with Peloton. The company released their earnings yesterday, and shared that Myx had sold 11,300 bikes in the quarter.

Jennifer Jacobs worked as a Peloton instructor until her departure in 2019. Many of her rides had remained available until a class purge in August 2020.

Since then, Jennifer had been continuing to work on her “JMETHOD” brand, as well as teaching classes through “Ladder Teams” platform.

The Beachbody announcement mentioned how Jennifer would be teaching BODi classes in French – if you missed the news, we reported last week that Peloton is rumored to be launching their own French classes soon as well.

Do you think Beachbody & MYX will be able to complete with Peloton?

Jennifer Jacobs will be working with Beachbody and MYX bikes.
Image Credit Beachbody Social Media.

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  • Karen says:

    I think the better question is can Peloton compete with Beachbody.

  • Cisco says:

    Hmmm how popular is myx? Do we know why she left peloton in the first place?

  • Rachel R says:

    Peloton has better music, classes and bikes. Beachbody is too dependent on multi level marketing, supplements and paltry workout shakes. I appreciate them for getting me into working out years ago with the Fix but the MLM structure drove me away. This is a downgrade for JJ.

  • Yick says:

    She body shamed someone during a live ride in their face.

  • Becky J Noble says:

    Jennifer Jacobs was a great instructor at Peloton and many were sad to see her gone. Her rides were killer, and I loved them. I may do a free trial just to see how her rides are.

  • MS says:

    All Peloton needs to do is bring back her rides on demand. That would eliminate the desire to switch platforms.

  • Trikywu says:

    Good for her. However, Beachbody has an MLM component to their business that can get a little dark. The workouts should be great, but the best way to seek them out is to just do the workouts and not get sucked into being a BB coach and try to recruit people to sell shakeology.

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