Free Century Club Peloton Shirts – New fulfillment company in place to ease backlogs & delays

Peloton recently announced that a new fulfillment company is taking over distribution of Century Club t-shirts.

Even if you’re relatively new to Peloton, you are probably familiar with milestone rides. Your favorite instructor calls out the leaderboard names of those who have hit 50, 100, 200, even 1,000 rides!

What you may not know is that once you hit the 100 class milestone for cycling, running, boot camp, yoga, or floor workouts, you get to join the Peloton Century Club. Along with bragging rights and a potential callout, you get a free Century Club t-shirt.

Unfortunately, Peloton initially couldn’t keep up with demand. People would hit their century ride and not be able to redeem their code for a free shirt because their size was unavailable. Sometimes it could take months for sizes to be restocked.

In order to alleviate these problems, Peloton has moved the ordering process for their online store to a separate Century Club portal. Orders through the portal will be fulfilled by a separate company with the hope of keeping sizes in stock and getting shirts to people quicker.

Another change that Peloton hopes will streamline the process is switching to unisex shirts. Previously, shirts were available in women’s and men’s styles, which increased the number of sizes Peloton had to keep in stock.

Peloton began the switchover process in May, so if you’ve recently hit your Century milestone, you will likely receive an e-mail about the new ordering process soon.

Have more questions or want more information about the Peloton Century shirt? Check out our full Peloton Century Shirt Guide here.

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Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis is the creator & founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and uses all the different devices: Peloton Bike, Tread, Row, and Guide. He has been involved in the fitness industry for more than a decade - previously co-founding the websites Mud Run Guide & Ninja Guide. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.


  • Jean-Charles Baril says:

    Hi! Just earned a century t-shirt but impossible to order it from Canada.Any tricks? Thanks

    • Peloton recently posted they were creating a new century club portal for people to be able to order them in the UK & Canada. More details should be coming shortly.

  • Tara says:

    I just received the new Century Shirt today. It is 100% cotton. It is THIN. It is super stretchy, but not in a good way. I’m a medium in women’s and ordered the extra small, as per the size chart. To say that I am unimpressed and disappointed by this shirt is an understatement. The quality is terrible. They really cut corners with this one.

  • Stefanie Bailey says:

    Following! Also from Canada hoping for a century club shirt! 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    Hi! I hit my century ride a while ago and never received an email or a code or anything about a shirt. Wondering how I can get mine and be proud with the other century club riders. I’m currently at 138 rides…? Help a pelosista out


  • Rose Cardoso says:

    I think one should go back to women’s and men’s shirts. Unisex shirts generally aren’t flattering on women. It just looks like a woman in a man’s shirt. Men wouldn’t want to have to wear a woman’s shirt. So think about it.
    I would rather wait for a woman’s shirt to be in stock. Please reconsider. Thanks

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